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    Ice Nine Kills Premieres new music video for "Nature of the Beast"

    Ice Nine Kills Premieres new music video for

    With the release of this video we have also launched two Nature of the Beast bundles


    "This video marks the third and final chapter of the video trilogy that began in fall 2015 with 'Communion Of The Cursed.' We pick up right where the 'Hell In The Hallways' video ended last spring, continuing to follow the character Kevin as he navigates through the sinister side of the literary classics that inspired our Every Trick In The Book album," frontman Spencer Charnas says. "This song, 'The Nature Of The Beast,' is a tribute to George Orwell's classic allegorical novel Animal Farm.

    "The message of that book seems particularly relevant, given the dangerous political climate which engulfs our country at the moment."

    Founders of Absolute Merch explain their vision behind the new website and the company's future

    Founders of Absolute Merch explain their vision behind the new website and the company's future

    To everybody taking the time to read this, thank you!  We started this company just over three years ago and its been a wild ride ever since.  We started off hand writing envelopes for the 2-3 orders we'd get each day, from our 300 square foot office with no windows.  Slowly but surely we kept fighting and clawing for every opportunity we could find, while sticking firmly to our company motto:  quality and vision above everything else.  We've stayed committed to putting out what we feel is the highest quality and most fashion-forward band merchandise out there, and it seems like you guys have taken notice.  We've quickly grown the company to employ 10 amazing people, ship hundreds of orders each day, as well as curate and produce the tour merch of many of our scenes largest bands.  

    The launch of this new site is the culmination of, to be extremely cliche, years worth of blood, sweat, and tears.  We have had the goal of creating the most modern, innovative, and creatively progressive merch site on the market and with today's launch we're confident we achieved just that.  As we continue to grow, we will continue to push the envelope.  We will continue to blur the line between band merch and fashion, and will never lose track of what or who got us here.

    From the bottom of our hearts, we can't thank you enough.  To the kid who bought a shirt in the early days, waited a month to get it, and stuck with us while we learned and refined our processes, to the bands and mentors that have believed in us and our vision and allowed us the opportunity to grow with them, and to our amazing and tireless staff (past and present): thank you!  You guys are the reason we can continue to do this, and we're looking forward everything the future holds with you.

    If you've ever been on the site and have ideas, concerns, or just want to get involved, shoot us an email below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

    Billy & Noah / Co-Founders

    Cody Carson of Set It Off talks about the inspiration behind their current tour merch line

    Cody Carson of Set It Off talks about the inspiration behind their current tour merch line

    Whenever we create a new merch line for tour we are constantly thinking, “How do we create an experience for our fans where they don’t feel like they’re just walking into a generic band t-shirt store?”. We want our designs to reflect not only our music and our brand, but also who we are as individuals. We try to derive as much influence as possible from what’s in to what is going to be in, from quotes, jokes, different cuts of cloth, etc. We need to want to wear it as bad as you do for it to pass on being created for sale. 


    Interaction is another big point for us. We pay attention to your favorite songs, lyrics, and even inside jokes to make something that you can take home that’s not just “merch” but an experience. For instance, we’ve been having fun joking around with you by saying the word heck and censoring it, that inside joke has turned into a hat. “Who the H*ck is Set It Off?”. We noticed you’ve taken a liking to our song Hypnotized so we created a pop art rendition of a woman Hypnotized with diamonds in her eyes. We’ve seen a lot of you starting to use patches so we made iron on patches so you can customize anything you want! Whatever we do with this band, we do with you in mind and we hope it reflects onto everything we release.


    View the Complete Tour Line Here:


    SPENCER CHARNAS talkS about 3 underrated records that have heavily influenced his writing

    SPENCER CHARNAS talkS about 3 underrated records that have heavily influenced his writing

    3 underrated records that have heavily influenced my writing:



    Yes, What It Is To Burn is the Finch record that most fans hold closest to their hearts, but for me, it was 2005’s astronomically-underrated follow up, Say Hello To Sunshine.

    This is the album that took the band from great to important. Grossly ahead of its time, the album was embedded with odd time signatures, fast tempos, unusual screamed vocal patterns, completely unpredictable drumming and a haunting atmosphere that seemed to be Danny Elfman inspired.

    I remember specifically telling the band in person that this was one of my favourite records of all time. Their response was, ‘Really? We don’t get that a lot…’ That hurts me.


    Midtown - Living Well Is The Best Revenge (2002)

    I was already a fan of Midtown when Living Well Is The Best Revenge was released in the spring of 2002, but in my eyes, this was the record that crowned them as pop punk royalty.

    Everything from the huge production of Mark Trombino, to the perfectly executed vocal performances of all three singers, to some of the catchiest melodies I’ve ever heard, this record should have made them bigger than Fall Out Boy.

    Unfortunately, label problems, under promotion and other exterior factors kept this record from achieving the commercial success it so deserved. I stand behind the statement that the song Like A Movie has the best bridge of all time, regardless of genre.


    He Is Legend - I Am Hollywood (2004)

    Everything about this band and this album was daring, risky and cool as hell. They had incredibly vicious heavy elements mixed with subdued almost stoner rock vocals with a Seattle 90s tinge.

    The frontman looked like he would fit in more at a Doors show in the 1970s than fronting a heavy band, but for some reason that incongruent look made the band that much more interesting. With lyrical content ranging from literary references to almost Cobain-esque abstract metaphors, they stood out among a pack of groups that all seemed to be doing the same thing.

    It was this album’s audacious style that reminded me that rock & roll is not supposed to be safe and encouraged me to think outside the box regarding my own compositions.