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    END OF WEEK REVIVE’s almost the end of the week. We’re all feeling it. Tired. Like I said, Monday’s are pretty crazy around here, but that definitely doesn’t mean every day after that is smooth sailing. However, no matter what walk of life you’re in, the mid week slump is REAL.

    Yesterday was technically the midway point. However, yesterday didn’t even feel real. Tell me I’m not alone on this one. I got everything done, but I felt like I was moving in a daydream. I must’ve let my subconscious take over. Is it the heat wave? Something wrong in the universe? Again, Astrologers, feel free to help me out here. Maybe I just need to drink more water.

    It’s been a while since I mentioned merch drops here, and I mean who do I think I am? This IS a merch company. However, I just trust you are all in the loop. I see you thriving in the DMs, love hanging out there with you guys. BUT since this is all about giving you that extra push to get through the rest of your week, I’ll make a couple honorable mentions. 

    Today, Half Alive dropped a little anniversary project. It’s probably some of my favorite merch. While some of you may not be strangers to the Adventure Club tee, some of you might. Now, it’s making a comeback! I love the baseball tee look, but with short sleeves, especially in this heat wave. If you thought I wasn’t going to mention the Drippy Dye Tee, then clearly you’re new here. This cotton candy-esque tye dye is like….everything. I think I say that about every dye, but seriously, they’re all EVERYTHING in their own way. No matter how punk rock you might be, you can still look at a tie dye shirt and want to wear it. I know you have a cotton candy side inside of you. 

    Now, on to the musical note. We’re cooking up ANOTHER playlist for you. While this one may take a little longer to make, hello Pop princess over here, it’s coming. It’s called Absolute Angst and it’ll probably get you in your feels. For some reason, it really struck me this week. Maybe I’m moody. THEN...Blackbear’s finally dropping the album. So, no more looking up the individual song titles in your search bar, they’ll all be in one place. Going back to being moody...I think this may enhance that? I mean the title of the album is literally called “everything means nothing,” so I’m going to go on a whim and say it’s emotional. However, a bop. 

    So, we’ll reconnect tomorrow, this time for a FULL album review. I’ll find some other bangers our artists release and throw them in there too. It can be a Friday filled with goodies. Since I’m sure after this mid-week slump we all need a little something to hang on to. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor

    Half Alive Anniversary Drop:



    Happy new week everyone!

    Miss me yesterday? Monday’s get a little crazy around here, I’m sure you could already tell. We made it to today, so that’s all that matters. So, it’s time to have a little fun.

    I’m sure you guys are no strangers to the way Spotify works. If you have no idea, get it together. As I’m sitting here, listening to my Discover Weekly, I’m realizing work from home can be a little fun. Maybe it’s the stress relief vitamins I’m taking, or it’s just the good music. 

    As you all know, our artists dropped some big hits on Friday...and there’s MORE to come. Don’t worry, I won’t talk your ear off about it, I promise. The point from home can be kind of fun? It feels almost taboo to say that. While it can be equally as stressful, sometimes creating a vibe for yourself can change the dynamic. 

    For example, today I put on a playlist I love from my own personal library. Instantly, my mood shifted. It went from, “ugh I have to work” to, “LET’S GET THIS BREAD.” In a matter of seconds. While I know some of you aren’t working during this time, it’s even more of a reason to create a party in your head. You know what would pair REALLY nice with a quarantine party? Our Coachella playlist, DUH. Updated every week, so you have a fresh new take on what’s hot right now. Even if you have never been to Coachella in your life, it’s now time for COUCHella. Get it?

    Lately, I’ve been realizing that what’s important is mental health. Whether that means actually taking a lunch break, or starting your day a little later, DO IT. With quarantine, it’s really all about self-discovery. We are really only stuck with ourselves now. No music festival outlets to discover our emotions, or unleash them even. So, in order to block out the noise in our heads, we can turn the music up on our speakers. It doesn’t matter if you have to work. Even if it’s a podcast, turn it up as loud as you can. We all make jokes about artists/people passing the vibe check, but have we ever passed the vibe check against ourselves?? It’s now or never. We gave you Monday to catch up on the chaos from the weekend, now it’s time to spread positivity for the rest of the week. 

    So, get that music blasting, because more new music is COMING.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeee.

    Julianna Taylor



    It’s finally Friday. Where did the week go? 

    Okay, I know I already prefaced this on Wednesday, but I am actually going to be ten times more annoying than I actually thought. The new music that came out today, or if you’re a baller, YESTERDAY AT so good. Like I knew it was going to be good, you knew it was going to be good, but was anyone actually prepared for this? I feel like I was really thrown off guard. I’m going to sound like a huge granny here, but usually on work nights, I’m docile and cozy in bed by 10:30pm. Now, don’t get me wrong, I definitely stay up later just watching Tik Tok. Yesterday though? Adrenaline hit me at 9pm and I had to take a Melatonin to calm down.

    You’re probably wondering what could have made me SO crackhead-esque at this time of night. UM THE MUSIC THAT CAME OUT. So, let’s go.

    The one that kept me up all night, was Madeon’s song, The Prince. This one actually shook me to my core. Not lessening the greatness of the other songs I’m going to talk about. However, this one took me to Coachella in my head. Just vibing in the sunset, phone off, no worries. Madeon took to Instagram today to say that one of his favorite parts of the song is the beginning drums. Let me just say...SAME. I love a good drum moment. He also made a note to say that this song wasn’t even supposed to come out. So we are all literally so blessed. It makes the tune sound so much better when you know it was a little secret our ears weren’t supposed to hear. 

    Next...we have Blackbear. I’m going to keep this one short, I PROMISE. First, let’s just say that his album is one week away...and it just keeps getting better. Today he dropped “lil bit” and “Hard On Yourself” with Charlie Puth. Lil bit definitely gives me hot girl/hot boy summer vibes. Sometimes I really can’t explain more than that. The song has to do all the talking. However, if you really don’t know what kind of vibe that is at this point, it’s just a song that makes you feel like a baddie. Moving on! Hard On Yourself with Charlie Puth actually attacked me from the get go. They talk about why people are so hard on themselves. Simple. However, Blackbear does go on to talk about counting carbs and calories. Something I’ve been doing all week...I’m just trying to be a skinny legend like him. I guess I can let it go though...since ya know...I guess it’s too hard on myself.

    While no singles were dropped, Point North is also dropping their album next week. We are absolutely quaking about it. That’s going to be my new phrase for New Music Friday’s...quaking. 

    I thought I would keep it short and sweet this Friday, so you can go listen to the songs yourself instead of sitting here listening to me blab about it. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor



    All I want to talk about lately is new music...I know that’s alright with you ladies and wieners. I mean, I trust that you can navigate our merch site pretty well by this point, and if you can’t, then how did you get here?!

    Today is full of surprises, which is perfect because it’s about time we all hit our mid-week slump. Whether you are working from home, working from the office, or just existing in the realm that is need something to look forward to. We all do! That’s why we are talking about new music Friday earlier this week. To give you guys that extra push you need. Hey, maybe by the time you read this, it’s already Friday, which means you’ve made it to the treat. 

    So, not only did we find out today that Madeon’s continuing the Good Faith era with a new song FRIDAY, but Blackbear is also dropping more stuff too. Can you see me levitating through the screen? I am. 

    I know, I know. You are just WAITING for me to shut up about Blackbear, but unfortunately for you, this week is not that time. Honestly, that time may never come. He just won’t stop releasing bangers. This week he’s dropping TWO new songs. One with Charlie Puth. So you KNOW it’s going to be a diss track. He already previewed some lyrics in a post that talked about counting carbs and being uptight. I felt a little attacked. Some weeks you gotta count carbs, these fast metabolism boys will NEVER understand. This is just what we need to keep us excited for the full project in two weeks. I can’t stop thinking about it, clearly.

    We also need to get extremely hyped about Madeon. I mean, it’s very clear that Good Faith was ICONIC. Every part of that era made my 2019 special. I know it sounds corny, but if you’ve heard the album, YOU WOULD KNOW. If you haven’t...what??? Go to Spotify right now. “The Prince,” will be dropping Friday, and I just feel in my soul it’s going to be the miracle we all need to finish our week. I mean c’mon...we just know it’s going to be good. Also completely unrelated to his music, but Madeon’s graphics are EVERYTHING. From the lights to the holographic packaging on everything. I’m hooked and I know everyone else is too.

    So...see you lil babies on Friday...we’re screaming about new music again.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor



    It’s Monday everyone...the spookiest day of the week. If we’re being honest today is terrifying for me. I actually got dressed to look like a normal work from home?? Is something going on with the planets? Astrology girlies hit me up PLEASE. 

    So...this may be my new favorite day of the month. The 9th. I know what you guys are thinking, today’s the 10th? Yeah I know, I can count. I’m talking about Ice Nine Kills, Nightmare on the Ninth. It’s become my newest obsession. I mean, I’ve always loved these drops, but the closer we get to October, the more haunting they become. Also to be completely fair I thought this month was going to be Halloween, not August. So already, off to a super disappointing start. 

    The theme of this month’s drop is...HACK TO SCHOOL. Personally, I haven’t been excited about school supplies and backpacks since I graduated college. Humble flex. However, for some reason this drop makes me want to enroll in a community college and strut this new stuff. Do I have the time for that? Absolutely not, but where else will I use a lunchbox. MY HOUSE? Wait...we may be on to something.

    If that didn’t tickle your pickle enough, I know what will. Letterman jackets. There are guys and girls fits, just what we wish we all had in high school. When I was a youngin, I had to get the guy's version of a letterman. Made me look like a complete square. It was the most unflattering fit you could have. Now, you don’t have to go through what I did. Whether you were a jock in school or not, anyone could rock this. I mean are the sporty kids really popular anymore? It’s all about the music now. They also have a super cute flag, something I could see myself adding to my collection of college flags. Now, it’s not a regular flag, it’s those little spirit ones that you thumbtack into your wall. Dads everywhere are quaking at the fact that people like me thumbtack everything into their wall, but I totally recommend doing it as well.

    My personal favorite though, is the lunchbox. I seriously have no idea why I am so fixated on this. Maybe it’s the fact that I had one in middle school that said “Orange Crush” on it. I thought I was so cool. TAKE ME BACK. I’m thinking this lunchbox may give me that nostalgia I need. It also may motivate me to eat lunch even on my busiest work days. Plus, who wouldn’t love to open their fridge and see a cool collectible in there? 

    So...what are we looking at this week in terms of me being annoying? I’m in the spooky spirit, so we’re going all in talking about Ice Nine Kills. They just fit all my spooky needs. I can talk for days about all their merch, past and present, and the nostalgia it brings. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. So prepare yourselves for this week's Halloween flavor. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor