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    My favorite posts to write...are the ones that absolutely nobody asked for. It dawned on me yesterday, that the majority of my lunch breaks are filled with me watching new music videos on the market. I can you not? Sometimes it makes or breaks the song. I’m not even going to give an honorable mention to the music video that ruined one of my favorite took me 3 years to rekindle my love. Wack.

    Anyways...I decided it might be useful to tell you all what music videos I have on repeat lately. Just so that you can go decide for yourself if it’s worth the time. If not then hey, I just wasted 3 minutes of your life and you can sit and think about that for the remainder of the day. Love this for us. So, let’s get started. 

    First up on my list, is “Compensating” by Aminé. This song is not new, but I keep rewatching the music video like it is. I briefly talked about this video in another post, so I won’t talk your ear off this time. You can go searching for the post you lil lazy. This one just has so much substance. From friends being family, to dissing people taking advantage of you, THERE IS LEVELS TO THIS ISH. Please go watch, it’s so wholesome, while at the same time petty. Kind of a 2020 vibe if you ask me. 

    The next one is “Bitter” by FLETCHER and Trevor Daniel. I don’t know how many more times I can speak of this song. We are going on week TWO of me listening to it non-stop. Is it time to start considering therapy? Not sure yet, we’ll wait until week three. Anyways...this video is HOT. I won’t say NSFW because it definitely isn’t THAT risque, but it’s juicy. Fletcher is just a babe in general okay, so men, this is pretty much me doing a favor for you alright. I mean ladies, we all know Trevor Daniel is a hunnie...I know I don’t need to tell you twice. SO, with that being said, the video. It’s kind of a rollercoaster of emotions, once you get past the sexy aspect of it. The scenes show Trevor hanging out with who looks like Fletcher’s ex...or vice versa...kind of confusing once it gets to Trevor’s verse. You’ll see. Next frame, that same person is hooking up with Fletcher. Can someone help me? I’m clearly confused. Relationship people, I’m looking at you. Help a single sister out.

    Lastly, since realistically we don’t want to hear about ALL my favorite music videos, is “queen of broken hearts” by Blackbear. This one is one of my favorites for reasons that make zero sense. Does anyone else love seeing actors/actresses from completely unrelated fields, in music videos? For some reason I think that stuff is so cool. The star of this music vid was also the star of an AMAZING movie. The movie is called Gifted and it’s worth the watch. Ladies...Ryan Reynolds is in it I I convincing yet? Anyways, this child is an icon. She has so much great potential in the film industry too, so it’s great seeing her branch out and do something music related. BESIDES THAT THOUGH. The song is great, and so is the music video. It’s simple, yet gets the point across. Believe me.

    Anyways, that’s all from me this week. I know you want to enjoy your spooky festivities in you won’t hear from me tomorrow. Why did I write that like a break up text? It’s been a day. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor

    Marg Fueled Mondays

    We meet again...on the ever dreaded Monday. Surprisingly, I woke up in an amazing mood, I don't know about you guys. If you didn’t, grab some coffee. Sounds cliche, but you’re going to need it to match my energy this afternoon. You also might be wondering why my pun for the title today, involves alcohol. WHY WOULDN’T IT. 

    As you all know from my working from home diaries, some of us are working from the confines of our living room. I will say it is amazing being able to just sit on my couch and blog in my PJs...however, once the end of the week creeps up...nap time becomes harder and harder to resist. Long story short, I miss office life these days. Let’s be real, I need to constantly be near people and socializing. I mean, HELLO, social media manager here. SOCIAL. I’m suffering. ANYWAYS, we’re in an office today. The socialization was euphoric enough to get me out of bed, but then, I saw they have complimentary margaritas. It’s game over. Why didn’t anyone tell me to Uber here? Probably because it is a Monday, and I should be demonstrating some self control. However, I can’t help but think about how good the content would be if I had a lil buzz going. My boss is shaking right now.

    In other news, not related to alcohol, I decided to switch up the playlist this week. I know I gave you guys some after hours vibes. I 100% intend on keeping that in tact, HOWEVER, with a little less simp. It is after all Halloween week...the best time of the year. So, we need a little after hours, but upbeat. Don’t worry, it will of course still have some petty think I’m going to let you not think about what you did this weekend?? Not going to fly with me silly. 

    I will also be going back to my roots, and telling you all what to spend your money on this week. We’ve had some cool drops lately that I don’t want to go unnoticed. I mean, yes, I too will be spending all my money. Totally not like I have rent to pay right now or anything. Supporting artists is more important ya know? 

    So that is what you have to look forward to. Personally? I’m most excited to remake this playlist. The vibe was there last week, but the more I listened this weekend...I just wasn’t down anymore. I moved into a new place, starting a new life for myself, so I don’t feel like being petty this week. Stay tuned for next week though...will be back to normal.

    So for today….that is all….

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeeeee! 

    Julianna Taylor



    So unfortunately...I am extremely late on this trend. By trend, I mean an amazing new(ish) song. It’s called “Bitter” by FLETCHER and Trevor Daniel. While it only came out a few weeks ago...I merely discovered it last week. THAT’S LATE FOR ME. I’m usually on it...I’m so disappointed.

    Anyways...this petty anthem has been on REPEAT for the last week of my life, and I thought it would be a shame to not talk about it. It’s another petty, relatable tune. Typical content for me these days. I mean, I am drinking my coffee today out of a mug that says, “Boy Tears”. So, you get the gist. 

    I mean, who DOESN’T love a good ex-hating anthem? This one is kind of a where you wonder if they actually hate each other...or if it just ended really badly? Fletcher sings about how she knows he thinks about her when he’s with his other chick. However, doesn’t that imply that she kind of wishes he was?? So wouldn’t that mean she misses him?? It’s getting dark out earlier I’m overthinking everything. Trevor Daniel comes in to really confuse me. TYPICAL MAN. He admits that he does think about her sometimes, but then he also says she’s “so last year.” LIKE WHAT? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TREVOR? Do you want her or not? I mean, you have a new chick, but mentally...are you still with your ex? A lot to unpack here, I’m spiraling apparently.

    My opinion that nobody asked that they want each other back. They’re just way too stubborn to admit it. I get it...I’m the same. HOWEVER, now you’re getting a third person involved. Things are getting messy on this song. AND I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT. I mean...clearly...I’ve been absorbing it for a whole week. One would think I have someone on my mind. I don’t...I swear…..I’m lying. Clearly the two people in this song are toxic for each other, and I think we can ALL relate to that. When you break things off and think you’re done, but then see them with someone else and you’re I want you again. OUR MINDS ARE SO INSANE. Everyone happily in a relationship reading this, I still think you would like the song. I mean it’s a BANGER either way. You don’t have to be going through it, to vibe with it. 

    With that being said, I’m going to leave it at that. Short and sweet...I know...super unlike me. I just want you to go simp to the song with me. Let me know what you think.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor



    The time has come....for another Absolute playlist.

    Not sure if you guys have even had time to emotionally process the angsty one, but there is no time for anger anymore. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE. It’s now...simp season. Kidding! Kind of.

    I mean, let’s be real. What music are we listening to when the sun goes down and our emotions wake up? Rave music? If you’re me, then the answer is usually yes. However, lately, it doesn’t seem like that’s appropriate. Especially during spooky season. It may still be hot here in California, but it’s really cold when you don’t have someone to keep you warm at night :(. SIKE. Clearly, I don’t take simp season seriously around here, but a lot of musicians do. 

    The premise of this playlist is going to be a little different than usual, who doesn’t like it spiced up occasionally?

    For me, when it’s after hours, I am on the HUNT for new music. My Spotify weekly Discover playlist is seriously lacking some weeks. The algorithm doesn’t know me by now, and we’ve been together for years. Thinking of breaking up with him...unliking the playlist...just so I don’t have to see it anymore. With that being said, I find tons of features that our artists do, that we may not necessarily see on their home page. Like for example, if I look up Blackbear, at face value I can’t see the other bajillion songs he’s been featured on in the recent months. Another algorithm scam. We do not stan. 

    That’s what I’m here for though, DO NOT WORRY. So, what is this playlist, can we listen to it during the day? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Kidding. I mean, what I’ve found so far will get you in your feels. I mean the beat is a bop, but the lyrics? Petty and could hit home for most. 

    So, what you’ll be seeing on this playlist, a lot of simp anthems, I mean I will only allow those kinds of vibes when the sun goes down. If I see anyone listening to it during the day, I’ll have to check in and see if you’re doing good. Don’t worry though, with life what goes down, must come up. That’s also going to be the case here, just when you think you’re stuck in your feelings...I’m going to throw a banger for you that makes you remember exactly the baddie you are. Yes, men can be baddies too. 

    In good fashion, I will be dropping this playlist ALONG with this blog post in the after hours. Aka, after sun down. AKA after this for us. It will be linked below for your simping pleasure.

    And as always...til next timeeeeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor




    Hello’s your favorite garbage human. Me. Duh.

    So, today, I thought I would switch it up a bit. Mainly because I had no luck posting my spooky season post. It was a sign. Today, we’re going to get a little up close and personal. Whether you like it or not. For some of you, working from home has become second nature. Others may be working in an actual office setting, wondering what all the hype is about. Let me break it down for you.

    When the pandemic first happened, I had no idea how to behave like a normal human being and work from my living room. My mentality was, if I’m home, I’m relaxing. Reality smacked me in the face real hard when I saw what my “relaxing” income was. I had to get on my grind. Mentally, once you find the motivation, working from home is easy. You set up camp anywhere but your bed, and you don’t leave for 8 hours. DREAMY. Once you start to get into a routine...that’s where the real trouble begins. Let me give you a little example.

    Working from home has literally no schedule. You can clock in whenever you want, as long as you’re making your hours for the week. There’s no need to report to the office at 8am and tell your boss what’s on the agenda for the day. Honestly, don’t think my boss and I were ever even at the office before 8am pre-covid either. SO, this is where you can walk a thin line. Last night, I clocked out around 6pm. Dangerously close to Happy Hour o’clock. I threw on some jeans and decided to meet my friend for some dinner and wine. Socially distanced, of course. Unfortunately, two glasses of wine turned into four. Maybe four and a half...who’s counting? There was no turning back. I decided to let the wine decide my fate for the night. While my fate only involved sipping and watching movies...this morning’s headache would have suggested otherwise. If I didn’t know we were in a pandemic, I would’ve assumed I somehow made it out to Encore Beach Club in Vegas. My temples are throbbing.

    However, here I am. WORKING!! Just like that. Easy peasy, right? Wrong. 

    While I did just roll out of bed, open my laptop, and clock in; it feels so much worse. In normal times, if I were to go be reckless on a Wednesday, the next day I am forced out of bed and into an actual workplace setting. Where I really have to get myself together. I mean, I can’t have my peers knowing I am unwell. FROM HOME THOUGH? I have no peers. The only judgement is radiating from my robot vacuum. 

    With my bed just steps away, those four glasses of wine are really starting to feel like twenty. The temptation is right there, and I can’t have it. I mean, I CAN. However, speaking for future me, she would want me to be chasing this bag right now. It’s also not all bad, I mean, my job is pretty cool. Look at me, hungover, getting paid to write about it, right here. Blessed. I can even go Tweet about my struggles too...and it’s all work. 

    While this hangover feels like a punishment for being a garbage wine drinking human on a Wednesday, I love having a creative job that lets me capitalize on my struggles. I mean, do you guys also want me to give a little OOTD? I am currently in the baggiest sweats you can find, and my favorite Half Alive hoodie. C’ really thought I would come on here and roast myself without giving a little merch plug? Don’t be dumb. Not only do we represent some of the best artists, but those artists create some of the best hangover outfits you could imagine. I dare you to go read my hoodie season’ll find all your new favorite hoodies to hide from your mistakes in. 

    With that being said...I’m going to close my eyes at my desk for a few seconds…

    ‘Til next timeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor