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    Hey’s me. The neighborhood ghost. I come into your lives and bring you amazing content and then vanish for a few days. Can someone say spooky season? Kidding. I haven’t been gone that long. Just enough to give you a little breather before I haunt you again. Okay enough with the Halloween puns.

    So, I’m sure you may have noticed, we have a new playlist. It’s kind of a work in progress. I started it and then came to the realization that I may not be angsty enough...until today. While I would love to act like this is my personal diary and talk about my boy problems, I’ll spare you the details. Unless you want them...then you can DM me. Oh ya, that’s another thing, you know our DMs are open to things other than talking about your orders right?? Don’t get me wrong, I love being your little Super Woman, but we can gossip too. 

    Today after examining my boy problems and realizing they’re mainly my fault, I started to get a little feisty. A little ANGSTY if you will. Which led me to listening to this playlist. While it definitely needs a little more to really get the full experience, I’d say it was just enough for the moment I needed. While all our playlists are meant to be added to weekly, this one I may have to put a limit on it. The phrase “no cap” will not apply here. I don’t want you all to be perpetuating your angsty feelings okay. Use it as a tool to get those emotions out...then leave.

    Where do you fall into this? You might wonder. EVERYWHERE OKAY. It has come to my attention that even on my worst days, I’m still a Coachella girlie at heart. All I can see are sunshine and rainbows...not too much angst there. So, I am going to recruit you...and surprise you too. Maybe you came to me months ago with an order issue, it was resolved, and our communication ended there. THAT’S SAD. I’m going to find out what your favorite song is, and if it’s angst enough...add it to the playlist. I know you have it in you. It’ll be a fun little game. Who doesn’t love games these days?

    So, with that being said, I will link what we currently have going on with the Absolute Angst below. Maybe eventually I’ll open it to the public...and it can be a COLLAB. How cute would that be? You know what...I thought of an even better idea. Stay tuned. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor





    Remember me?! I hope everyone’s holiday weekend was full of relaxation and BBQing. Mine was spent flinging myself off of an intertube just to feel something. 2020 am I right? 

    Anyways, this morning held something so exciting in my eyes. Madeon had another restock. The best part about these, is that you guys are always DMing wondering when he’s going to launch another restock. Everything is all a mystery...we love the element of surprise around here. For some reason, the Good Faith era is the most hyped up. So, when I came back from vacation to find that it was happening today...I HAD TO TELL YOU GUYS.

    If you missed our little heads up last night, this restock happened at 9am PST. Unlucky for you who didn’t get the memo...the hat is already sold out. However, this isn’t the most exciting part for me. The Deadalus Coach Jacket is ICONIC. Trust me, I’ve seent her, I’ve felt her. She’s amazing. Waterproof might I add for those of you who are already experiencing rain in your regions. Personally, it’s my favorite item, which might be saying a lot considering the next one I’m about to mention.

    The Good Faith Tie Dye Hoodie. This hoodie is a true ride or die. Almost every restock has included it. Since when did everyone start loving tie dye as much as me?! Not complaining, totally here for it. What was once my number one favorite before the Coach jacket took the world by storm, I can vouch for the comfort. As I’m typing’s super gloomy outside. One would normally say spooky season weather. However, I’m really wanting to cuddle up with a nice tie dye Good Faith hoodie...aren’t you? I mean, I would snag it before it’s gone. Clearly this one goes fast. It’s a toss up if she comes back or not. Just don’t chance it.

    Besides this restock, there are still stickers and posters for you guys to snag. Even digital downloads. Once some of them are gone, they’re act quickly. 

    And as always…

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor



    This week I’m clearly running out of things to talk about, if you can just TELL from the title. Anyways, happy hump day ladies and wieners. It’s been a HOT minute since I addressed you like that, I know. 

    I thought I would come on here today to talk about alter egos. Literally no idea why, just some mindless mid-work rambles to get you through your slump. I know everyone has that mid-day slump. Granted, it is currently some of you are probably just ready to go home. Me too, except I am already home, so time doesn’t exist here. What? I dunno.

    I’m sure you guys are wondering where the music rambles are at...hang tight. Friday you will have a whole new take on things, but I won’t be around to bother you’ll have to come back here to find it for yourselves. IT’S THE ANGSTY PLAYLIST I KEEP TALKING ABOUT. Guys, I literally have not been mad enough to create it, and honestly I still am not. I am living in the Absolute Coachella playlist. I want to be at a festival so bad. However, I know you guys are a little more punk rock than I am...and I want to adapt. SO GET READY.

    Okay, so back to the alter ego thing. Lately, social media has been a little wild. I mean, between my 11pm Tik Tok binges and my 9-5 problem solving, I’m sensing a burn out. So, what do people usually do when they burn out? Retreat. However, I’m not really like that. I love making content and I love helping other people. Oh ya, I also love money. BUT THAT’S NOT THE ONLY REASON I’M HERE. Lately, when I’ve been feeling a little non-human, I’ve been pretending that I’m a tshirt on Twitter. No, literally. It all seemed normal until I typed it out. Have I lost my mind? Probably. 

    Anyways, I’m not a tshirt, and I do have feelings. I feel like people always think of bigger companies as just robots. Like the people on the other side of the screen don’t care about you. I’m here to reassure you and say that is NOT true. I consider us friends the minute you DM me with a problem, and I 100% welcome memes even long after your problem is resolved. I mean, c’mon, coolest shirt in town, thank you.

    I MEAN, I even wouldn’t be opposed to new music in the DMs. Give me something REFRESHING. You can scream at me too if you need to, I’m just an Absolute therapist at this point. However, lately I definitely like acting like a stupid tshirt better, and I think you guys do too.

    So, with that being said, treat yourself kindly. Know when to take a break, know when to mentally check out, and know when to stop hiding behind your alter ego. Unless it’s like your passion or something. And as always, I’ll see you on Friday with whatever new dumb antics I come up with.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor



    I want to say Happy Monday, but I feel like I’ll be upsetting the majority if I do. I totally get it, I spent the first half of my morning wondering if my computer was going to implode. Unfortunately it didn’t so now you all have to listen to me talk about things I love for the next five minutes.

    Who doesn’t love vinyls? I’ll wait...that’s right...nobody. I figured out that even people who don’t own a record player...LOVE VINYLS. I know you want to know why? You do. It’s the vintage concept. If you think about it, vinyls are kind of the only form of music that have remained a constant throughout generations. I mean even streaming music has changed so much in the last 5-10 years. Vinyls have always been a constant factor. Our grandparents used them, our parents, and now look here we are. 

    One of my favorite parts of owning a vinyl isn’t so much the music, but more so the ART. I love album covers, I feel like with streaming services they really get put on the backburner. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love Spotify. BUT, I don’t love how now everything is animated. I want to see photographs or graphic art! Give it back to me. With vinyls, you can have that 24/7. Sometimes while the record plays I just sit and stare at the cover...weirdo alert. 

    Some places even make frames for records. So there really is no excuse not to buy one. You get to look hip and trendy, without having to fork over money for a record player. I is a good investment though don’t get me wrong.

    Right now, my favorite vinyl is The Used splatter one. I mean, not like I could get my hands on guys SOLD THEM OUT. However, I love the look. Lately, vinyls have transitioned from the black to now so many funky colors. I’m obsessed, you know I love funky colors. The Used splatter is almost like a record version of a tie dye shirt...think about it.

    So…that’s your short Monday food for thought. Appreciating vinyls. So simple, yet so complex. I remember as a kid going through my grandparents record collection, never thinking I would see the day when I had my own. I mean it almost seemed like we were going to end that era. I’m so glad the hipsters made us hang on. 

    You already know the drill...if you want a vinyl...go shop our site.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor



    It’s really love of tie dye. Just kidding, kind of. We’re going to talk about all the ways you can wear tie dye. Another style video by someone who works from home in her pajamas all day. CLASSIC.

    I feel like there’s definitely some stigma around wearing tie dye, but lately our artists are changing that. Before, tie dye was seen as some bubblegum princess type wear. Up for debate whether it still is or isn’t. I am not the perfect example. BUT, some of our more punk rock bands are shifting that view. I mean, Beartooth’s Summer line shook me to my core. The tie dye was so cute and eccentric if a person saw me wearing that on the street, they would stop and stare. I should’ve copped. I hope some of you did. 

    So, how do you really rock a tie dye shirt? Or any item of tie dye at that matter. WITH CONFIDENCE BABY. 

    It’s so easy to wear fun colors, even if you are nervous about drawing attention to yourself. Quarantine became the time of tie dye, we all need to start embracing it. Personally, I love to crop every single shirt I own. I think that’s been stated here. If you’re really not all about taking the plunge into full on colors, a tie dye crop with black leggings is a staple. You really can’t go wrong. It gives off the, “hey I’m fun, but also mysterious,” vibe. Is that just me? Why do black leggings give me mystery vibes? 

    If you’re like me, and just love wearing semi-casual outfits that draw major attention, then pair it with a fun color legging. Say your shirt has blues and pinks, pink leggings or blue biker shorts would be my go to. The fun thing about tie dye is everyone thinks it goes with nothing, but it’s the exact opposite. It has so many colors that it goes with everything. I don’t know if I would go too overboard though, it may be a headache.

    I feel like guys are wondering if the same rules apply. They obviously do. However, I know you guys love your baggy jeans and your baggy everything. Same. Like the oversized tee and ripped jeans can never go wrong. Why not instead of a plain white tee, make it tie dye? It’s literally so simple and I don’t know why every male I see on my instagram feed is still doing the white. I’M OVER IT AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO. As soon as I see some tie dye gym shorts I got you bros. I know those are your favorites.

    Anyways, the moral of the story is have fun. Before quarantine, I feel like people could gauge my personality just based on my tie dye tank top. What if I’m emo? You literally have no idea anymore and that’s the most fun part. So, stop with the all black, we are in a heat wave. It’s literally still hot girl/boy Summer, so let’s act like it with some funky colors.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor