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    News — new merch



    Happy new week all you hooligans!

    Okay, I feel like my titles for these posts are getting super clickbait-y. I promise they’re not! Tell me your Monday’s aren’t a little messy...I’ll wait. Nobody asked, but I am going to tell you why today mine is particularly crazy. Friday, I had every intention of talking your ears off about Blackbear’s new single. However, the day slipped away from me, and I had to trash it. I know, so sad. So, that leads me back here. We’re going to catch up on the new tune, and catch up on life. Consider this a little break from reality.

    So, Blackbear released a single on Friday called, “queen of broken hearts.” Honestly, this song makes it seem like savage Bear is back. Don’t worry, he’s still out here being the best dad ever. I particularly love this song because of the funky beat in the back. He’s going on to say that his life has become dark, and that he will break someone into a thousand parts. However, as the song goes on, you’ll realize it’s because he is also a walking broken heart. C’mon, we all know the phrase, “hurt people, hurt people.” I hope you read that as it was intended to be spoken. It’s written really confusing, trust me it took me a second too. While this song is amazing, I don’t think that’s the best part. He’s coming out with part ONE of his LP, and he released the track names on Twitter. For me, I need to know the song titles in advance. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Maybe I subconsciously need to prepare for what mood I’m going to be in while listening. Yeah, let’s go with that. He also dropped a new shirt to go with it. It’s the sparkly sad girl tears of our dreams. Go get it.

    Now, let’s talk about something a little more real-life. Let me know if you like these little Monday check-in’s, I’ll do them more. So, as we all know, 2020 is just the worst. It’s okay to be the most positive person on the planet, and admit this. I totally understand. For a while, I didn’t want to seem so negative, and I tried to have a positive outlook. Don’t get me wrong, there is still hope the year will turn around. Let’s all manifest it people! However, with recent Pop Culture news, it is hard to see the bright side. Which leads me to my next point. Everyone is going through something they don’t speak about. Kindness is always the answer. As I live my 9-5 life in the DMs with you all, I can’t help but notice people in the comments sections not treating each other the best. I am sure if you are reading this, you are probably not one of them. If you are, C’MON NOW. If we want to really dig deep, I can tell you that I promise your favorite artists see this all go down. So, when flowing through your week, remember, we are all human. We all have feelings, tragically. Let’s be a little kinder to one another.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor

    Blackbear “queen of broken hearts” Shirt:

    3.6 Weekly Merch Recap

    3.6 Weekly Merch Recap

    Woohoo! We made it! Friday. Suddenly, the air is clearer, and people’s spirits are lighter. You know what else is about to have a little less weight? Your wallet. We have sales on SALES happening right now, even I’m excited about it. 

    Before we get into our Spring cleaning sales we have happening, remember when I went on a tangent about The Used weekly drops? The tarot cards have flipped today, to reveal a new long sleeve! It’s called The Moon Long Sleeve. Which came at a perfect time! This weekend is a full moon. What better than to admire nature’s beauty in your new cozy merch item? Literally nothing. 

    Up next, we have a new drop from, Asking Alexandria. This one is pretty steamy, so get ready. Not only are there EIGHTEEN new bundles, yes you read that right, but there are also several individual items as well. Like joggers. Our artists are all over the jogger trend lately, and I love it. So do you guys. Wait, there’s more. The first 2,000 CDs sold will be SIGNED. Totally unique, and totally going to sell out fast. If I were you, I would order them before I even finish reading this paragraph. 

    Beartooth also decided to drop a hot pair of pants for you guys this week. They’re the Zubaz pants. So funky. The perfect pants to spice up any outfit. You can even get a little saucy and wear them to whatever tour/festival you’re excited about this year. Me, personally? I would wear them on a night out. Maybe someone will buy me a drink. 

    The Story So Far added some new items to their store. These new items are perfect to add to your Spring wardrobe!  Items you can get starting today are: the Dark Green Leaf Logo Hoodie, White Block Letter Crewneck, Tan Block Letter Tee, and the Proper Dose Embroidered Hat. So much to choose from! Such a variety. My favorite new item? The Hoodie. Of course, it’s getting hot again and I want a hoodie. It’s cold in the office, okay? I’m sure some of you feel the same!

    Now moving on to the part where I help you save a little moola. Spring Cleaning Sale! Is it just me, or is there something about the word sale that makes me want to buy MORE than what I need? I hope not. If you’re like me, this first one is going to be for you. Motionless in White is having a whole 20% off store sale. When you are going to check out, type in MOTION20, and bam, it’s like you didn’t even spend money at all. That’s how it works, right? LIMBS is having a huge sale over on our website. Everything is $10!! The hoodie is $20. This one is major because once these are sold out, they’re GONE. With their Loser Hat already sold out, it’s no telling how much longer the rest will last. Who doesn’t love $10 tees? Perfect to wear to a casual day at the office, or to crop for the summer! 

    Check back in next week, for the exciting things we have for you!

    Julianna Taylor