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    News — hoodies



    know what you're thinking...where has she been?


    Honestly, I know absolutely nobody is thinking that. I'm acting like little miss influencer whenever I login over here, but hey, Twitter has been giving me a little ego boost lately.


    What you might be wondering is if you've missed anything. While there have been plenty of drops that came and went, a lot are still up for grabs. Who doesn't love a little post-Christmas shopping spree? It's the perfect time to stock up on next year's not so ugly holiday sweater. I can't be the only one who thinks "ugly" sweaters are actually extremely cute...right? Someone back me up here.


    2020 was a doozy. I mean, the music industry pretty much shut down for a second there with no clear path to recovery in sight. However, we all made the collective decision to not let it kill our drive. I'm not going to say we carried this my heart we did. I mean personally, my favorite memory was getting laid off, but we won't go there. I may ride that joke out until my career is over. My boss will never hear the end. However, I did get to stick around and talk all of your ears really I think the COVID layoff was more of a character builder. Trying to find the positives in everything here. Which, I would argue was the learning curve for everything that happened this year. Finding the positives.


    Anyways, we can talk about merch now, since I know that's what you all come for anyways. While I would love to tell you that there's a FAT discount you can use on all your next purchases, there isn't. However, a little birdie told me that everyone's starting to get their $600 stimulus checks overnight. I think it's time to spend all that on clothes. I mean...not like it can cover rent or bills anyways. I mean, at least if you're in Southern California. So, might as well TREAT YO SELF.


    If we're getting specific, Four Year Strong is STILL running their holiday merch until January 1st. Some of it isn't even Christmas themed. It ties into their livestream, so you can build your own bundle AND rewatch the online concert. What more could you ask for to end the year?? 


    We ALSO still have Charlotte Sands merch up and running through our website. I will say the "This Sweatshirt Was Yours," long sleeve is still the best seller. It's cozy AND a diss to your ex in a way. Kiss the year goodbye and your gross relationship history. We aren't bringing that into 2021 with us, I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.


    If you're interested in that NEW NEW, we have a K.Flay line. This one's really taking me back, there are CASETTES AND SLAP BRACELETS. My childhood self is thriving with this drop. She even has a cute poster of her posing with a LAVA LAMP. I mean, if that doesn't sell you, I don't know what will. Nostalgia sells, right?


    I really really really want to talk about stand out music for me this year. I know I blab on and on about it in separate posts, but it truly made the grueling year special. I mean, all we really got to do was sit inside and listen to music. It was a completely different experience than hearing it at the club or at a show. Something about being isolated and only having music, felt more intimate. Don't get me started on the song, "Bitter," with Fletcher and Trevor Daniel. For some reason that song is STILL resonating with me and it's been three months since I last spoke to you guys about it. However, a song quickly taking heed in my mind, is "Dress," by Charlotte Sands. I'm not even going to tell you WHO the song is about, because I feel like it's more exclusive and like an inside joke. Although, it is definitely easy to google. If you need more musical highlights, you can always checkout our playlists on the Absolute Merch Spotify. I clearly had fun during quarantine conjuring up different playlists out of my comfort zone. I promise to be more punk rock in 2021, okay?


    Well guys...I guess this is see you next year?! HAHA. Classic dad joke. I promise also to be less MIA, disconnecting for the holidays made me realize how much I miss sitting down and vibing on this blog. SO GET READY. 


    'Til next timeeeee!


    Julianna Taylor



    Hello’s your favorite garbage human. Me. Duh.

    So, today, I thought I would switch it up a bit. Mainly because I had no luck posting my spooky season post. It was a sign. Today, we’re going to get a little up close and personal. Whether you like it or not. For some of you, working from home has become second nature. Others may be working in an actual office setting, wondering what all the hype is about. Let me break it down for you.

    When the pandemic first happened, I had no idea how to behave like a normal human being and work from my living room. My mentality was, if I’m home, I’m relaxing. Reality smacked me in the face real hard when I saw what my “relaxing” income was. I had to get on my grind. Mentally, once you find the motivation, working from home is easy. You set up camp anywhere but your bed, and you don’t leave for 8 hours. DREAMY. Once you start to get into a routine...that’s where the real trouble begins. Let me give you a little example.

    Working from home has literally no schedule. You can clock in whenever you want, as long as you’re making your hours for the week. There’s no need to report to the office at 8am and tell your boss what’s on the agenda for the day. Honestly, don’t think my boss and I were ever even at the office before 8am pre-covid either. SO, this is where you can walk a thin line. Last night, I clocked out around 6pm. Dangerously close to Happy Hour o’clock. I threw on some jeans and decided to meet my friend for some dinner and wine. Socially distanced, of course. Unfortunately, two glasses of wine turned into four. Maybe four and a half...who’s counting? There was no turning back. I decided to let the wine decide my fate for the night. While my fate only involved sipping and watching movies...this morning’s headache would have suggested otherwise. If I didn’t know we were in a pandemic, I would’ve assumed I somehow made it out to Encore Beach Club in Vegas. My temples are throbbing.

    However, here I am. WORKING!! Just like that. Easy peasy, right? Wrong. 

    While I did just roll out of bed, open my laptop, and clock in; it feels so much worse. In normal times, if I were to go be reckless on a Wednesday, the next day I am forced out of bed and into an actual workplace setting. Where I really have to get myself together. I mean, I can’t have my peers knowing I am unwell. FROM HOME THOUGH? I have no peers. The only judgement is radiating from my robot vacuum. 

    With my bed just steps away, those four glasses of wine are really starting to feel like twenty. The temptation is right there, and I can’t have it. I mean, I CAN. However, speaking for future me, she would want me to be chasing this bag right now. It’s also not all bad, I mean, my job is pretty cool. Look at me, hungover, getting paid to write about it, right here. Blessed. I can even go Tweet about my struggles too...and it’s all work. 

    While this hangover feels like a punishment for being a garbage wine drinking human on a Wednesday, I love having a creative job that lets me capitalize on my struggles. I mean, do you guys also want me to give a little OOTD? I am currently in the baggiest sweats you can find, and my favorite Half Alive hoodie. C’ really thought I would come on here and roast myself without giving a little merch plug? Don’t be dumb. Not only do we represent some of the best artists, but those artists create some of the best hangover outfits you could imagine. I dare you to go read my hoodie season’ll find all your new favorite hoodies to hide from your mistakes in. 

    With that being said...I’m going to close my eyes at my desk for a few seconds…

    ‘Til next timeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor