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    News — grabbitz


    GRABBITZ little EDM heart is crying. We have a new guy on the roster, coming in HOT with a dope drop too. GRABBITZ. Today we’re going to talk about his merch, as well as my favorite song of his. I’ll throw in some of his other songs too, just to give you guys some options. Or a break from me, I dunno…

    Okay, let’s start with the merch because I’m kinda sorta mesmerized by it. We have 3 black pieces and one white tee. The black...that’s the one I can’t get over. Each pattern has bright blue butterflies as well has his name. It’s the color contrast for me. Super eye grabbing. Like if I saw you wearing that at a bar, pre-covid of course, I would 100% ask you where you got it. No, I totally DO NOT have a shopping problem. My favorite is definitely the hoodie, I mean mentally, I am in hoodie season. Physically? I’m sweating. The hoodie is just so beautiful. Again, the blue on black was such a good move. Same with the tee. If you want to get really spicy, you can buy the tee in a size larger, like I always do, and crop it. can crop too...I will support the movement. There’s even a face mask. We’re still in a pandemic, so this is a staple. Wearing a mask that is also a fashion a HUGE flex. 

    Now...let’s talk about music. If you follow us on social media, you’ll have seen that I updated our Absolute Coachella playlist to include a couple GRABBITZ songs. This is just what the Coachella vibe needed. Right as we were getting a second wave of missing festival season. Before COVID even crossed my mind, I came across the song, “At Night.” When I heard it, I was like THIS IS THE SONG OF THE SUMMER. It definitely still was...but not the drunk in the club type of Summer I was thinking, ya know? However, when I got the news that he was dropping merch with us, I was like….this is my time to shine. Time to finally tell the world about the song I’ve been singing for months. No shame. I can’t sing it in the club, so I’ll sing it here. Another crowd favorite is “Someone Else” with EDM queen, REZZ. Don’t get me wrong, I love this song too. It’s like night time, Winter, driving down PCH vibes. Can you guys tell I drive down PCH a lot? It’s like my favorite way to listen to new music, I highly recommend you try it with these songs. “Someone Else” gives me, it’s cold outside, but I am warm vibes. That literally makes no sense, but so much at the same time. Figure it out. 

    Since it is Friday...unfortunately I won’t talk your ear off more about this...even though I really really want to. Nobody has time for that, I get it, it’s time to clock off and spend money. always...links will be below. You better cop something to match me. You also better go listen to these songs...PCH or not. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor