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    Hello’s your favorite garbage human. Me. Duh.

    So, today, I thought I would switch it up a bit. Mainly because I had no luck posting my spooky season post. It was a sign. Today, we’re going to get a little up close and personal. Whether you like it or not. For some of you, working from home has become second nature. Others may be working in an actual office setting, wondering what all the hype is about. Let me break it down for you.

    When the pandemic first happened, I had no idea how to behave like a normal human being and work from my living room. My mentality was, if I’m home, I’m relaxing. Reality smacked me in the face real hard when I saw what my “relaxing” income was. I had to get on my grind. Mentally, once you find the motivation, working from home is easy. You set up camp anywhere but your bed, and you don’t leave for 8 hours. DREAMY. Once you start to get into a routine...that’s where the real trouble begins. Let me give you a little example.

    Working from home has literally no schedule. You can clock in whenever you want, as long as you’re making your hours for the week. There’s no need to report to the office at 8am and tell your boss what’s on the agenda for the day. Honestly, don’t think my boss and I were ever even at the office before 8am pre-covid either. SO, this is where you can walk a thin line. Last night, I clocked out around 6pm. Dangerously close to Happy Hour o’clock. I threw on some jeans and decided to meet my friend for some dinner and wine. Socially distanced, of course. Unfortunately, two glasses of wine turned into four. Maybe four and a half...who’s counting? There was no turning back. I decided to let the wine decide my fate for the night. While my fate only involved sipping and watching movies...this morning’s headache would have suggested otherwise. If I didn’t know we were in a pandemic, I would’ve assumed I somehow made it out to Encore Beach Club in Vegas. My temples are throbbing.

    However, here I am. WORKING!! Just like that. Easy peasy, right? Wrong. 

    While I did just roll out of bed, open my laptop, and clock in; it feels so much worse. In normal times, if I were to go be reckless on a Wednesday, the next day I am forced out of bed and into an actual workplace setting. Where I really have to get myself together. I mean, I can’t have my peers knowing I am unwell. FROM HOME THOUGH? I have no peers. The only judgement is radiating from my robot vacuum. 

    With my bed just steps away, those four glasses of wine are really starting to feel like twenty. The temptation is right there, and I can’t have it. I mean, I CAN. However, speaking for future me, she would want me to be chasing this bag right now. It’s also not all bad, I mean, my job is pretty cool. Look at me, hungover, getting paid to write about it, right here. Blessed. I can even go Tweet about my struggles too...and it’s all work. 

    While this hangover feels like a punishment for being a garbage wine drinking human on a Wednesday, I love having a creative job that lets me capitalize on my struggles. I mean, do you guys also want me to give a little OOTD? I am currently in the baggiest sweats you can find, and my favorite Half Alive hoodie. C’ really thought I would come on here and roast myself without giving a little merch plug? Don’t be dumb. Not only do we represent some of the best artists, but those artists create some of the best hangover outfits you could imagine. I dare you to go read my hoodie season’ll find all your new favorite hoodies to hide from your mistakes in. 

    With that being said...I’m going to close my eyes at my desk for a few seconds…

    ‘Til next timeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor



    Y'all know what time it is? It’s time to spend some cash.

    I bet you all are waiting on the day when I run out of catchy things to say as my title. I’m going to be honest...I think that time is coming soon. However, this Monday’s is a little less clickbait. Remember when I used to tell you about all the fun drops coming up? Clearly I’ve been a little side-tracked thinking of all the new music. SO sorry I neglected you and your bank accounts. I know you guys are probably dying to spend money. 

    So I touched briefly on this on Friday, but Blackbear got a whole new merch website. It’s literally all interactive. I’m going to be completely transparent and say I spent a couple hours just continuously going back and playing around with it. The concept is you can pretty much design the merch you want. You can choose if it's a hoodie or tshirt, then pick the color, then the color of the font. This makes things so much more unique. Like yeah you might have the same hoodie conceptually as someone else, but the colors could be totally different. If you’ve already used it, I want to see your combinations!

    I know, I know. I’ve been getting a little too Pop over here. What can I say. However, The Used dropped 100 “Gravity’s Rainbow” zip up hoodies. If you don’t follow them on social media, and couldn’t get your hands on one, I still recommend checking it out. The artwork is phenomenal. They tagged the artist on their Instagram, and their page is wild to checkout. I love when The Used does these little artists series! I think it's amazing. 

    Next exciting one, Dayseeker Summer Line. Guys, this is the epitome of hot girl/boy Summer. I don’t even know what to talk about first...KIDDING YES I DO. Bodysuits??? Like seriously??? I am obsessed with bodysuits. It’s the lazy girl way. However, it still looks so hot. I’ve always wanted to rep an artist on a onesie. I have no idea why. Again, this is my fave going out look. The bodysuit is so simple too, it could be a great conversation piece for when bars safely reopen again next year. Men, I didn’t forget about you. I told you it was hot boy Summer too.  While of course you could rock anything other than the bodysuit, unless that’s your vibe, then I LOVE THAT FOR YOU. They have some spicy shorts for you guys. They come in green and pink. You’ll be the hottest one at the pool, I guarantee it. 

    Beartooth also had their own Summer drop, and guess what? TIE DYE. You guys thought you heard the last of my tie dye rambles. Well, me too. The merch gods sensed this and decided to drop some more for me to talk about. Literally everything, but one, is tie dye. Can you believe it? I’m literally in heaven. However, while this is totally my vibe, I have to say one item that’s my favorite isn’t even the tie dye shirts. Don’t panic. IT’S SUNSCREEN. Literally what. I have yet to see someone come out with this, and it’s the perfect edition for a SUMMER line. I mean, yes, we are still in quarantine. I don’t want to talk about it. However, some of us have beaches and pools that we can safely distance at. Sunshine is good for the soul, trust me. So, you obviously need protection! This was definitely a solid add to their collection.

    Alright Madeon fans, we heard you. The corduroy hat is back! This one sells as fast as it comes, I can’t even get my hands on one. You guys are wild. However, this one is such a Summer staple, so I understand. You deserve it more than me, honestly. Is anyone thirsty? Silverstein came out with an aluminum bottle for anyone who just can’t get enough water. Also, get this. They came out with a BASKETBALL HOOP. Literally all these artists are just screaming for you guys to get outside. Cure that quarantine depression. Maybe I’ll get one too and we can all virtually shoot some hoops on our lunch break...could be fun??? 

    Clearly, we had a lot of exciting things happen. They’re all so good this time I can’t even play favorites. I want them all. So, as always, links are below. Get yours and tag us in it!

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor

    Blackbear New Site:

    The Used Hoodie (SOLD OUT):

    Dayseeker Summer Line:

    Beartooth Summer Line:

    Madeon Hat:

    Silverstein Hoop and Water Bottle:

    Weekly Recap

    Weekly Recap

    We made it everyone, it’s Friday.

    Do you feel like this week kind of blew over your head? If so, don’t worry, I’m here to recap what you missed. Merch drops, music news, and upcoming events are coming your way. 

    First, let’s discuss an update that literally nobody asked for. We joined the Tik Tok cult. Have you seen our “About Us” page? We are a FULL SERVICE merchandising company. Part of that service is entertainment. You’re welcome. Feel free to let us know any dances you want to see us perform, what specific artist merch you want us to wear, and which of our artists’ songs you want to hear. You other merch companies could never. 

    Okay back to our regularly scheduled programming. We’re going to talk about burning a hole in your wallet. There were some pretty steamy merch drops this week, if I do say so myself. We’ll start off with Taylor Janzen, because I haven’t talked your ear off about her enough this week. We just launched a few of her awesome items on our store yesterday. My favorite? The puff ink hoodie. The back reads, “Sad Songs For Everyone,” in adorable fun writing. I mean, c’mon, puff ink is so nostalgic. Everyone’s childhood includes them somewhere, doodling on something, with puffy paint. Am I wrong? Don’t worry though, if hoodies and puffy ink aren’t your thing, we have a few more things to choose from. Maybe you’re old school and want to pick up a cd to play in your car, or if you’re cool, a Walkman. Throwback. We also have hats, to give you protection from this warm sun coming back, or t-shirts to rock at work. Whatever mood you’re in, find it now in our store! 

    Next up we have The Used. This one is particularly cool because the whole website is an interactive experience. With items that haven’t been released yet, a tarot card holds its place. Cool, right? They’re basically predicting your future for you, and your destiny is to purchase some merch. Currently, they are expected to have four drops. Today marked number two! They marked this next drop with a new dyed tee. If you look at the previous drop, you’ll notice a running theme! However, with this dyed tee, they shook it up a little bit. My personal favorite, “The Hanged Man Tee,” sold out extremely fast. Which is why I’d definitely advise setting reminders for the rest of their drops! Each design is unique, and I can’t wait to see what the cards predict next!

    Lastly, an artist you can check out right here, is Hands Like Houses. Is it just me, or does tour merch just vibe differently? In the best way. That’s what we have here! Whether you saw them or not, these items are pretty sick. Each piece has a different vibe, making it easy to find something for everyone! Maybe you saw them at a show, but you were too busy living in the moment to really stop and take a look. Now’s your chance! If we’re playing favorites here, like I have been this whole time, the Mandala Speckle Long Sleeve is my winner. Mandala’s always give me a sort of mystical vibe. I feel like everyone loves them too. However, they’re a limited item, so get it before it’s gone!

    Now, some music news. Everyone’s favorite sad boy, Blackbear, has been topping Spotify’s hits charts for a hot minute now. With “me & ur ghost,” circulating the top hits charts, it makes you wonder, is everyone haunted by an ex lately? If so, I feel for you. However, if any of you have fallen behind on pop culture news, like I did a while ago, Blackbear has a cub! Just a couple weeks ago, a little baby boy came into the world. Will his music take a shift from sad boy club, to happy new dad club? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. For all you Lil Xan fans, he just released a new single today, “Wide Awake.” For another emo boy, this song is relatively upbeat. All our other favorite artists seem to be currently busy creating new magic for our ears. Or, having the time of their lives touring. We love to see it! 

    So, what do we have to look forward to besides new music, hopefully? Well, as a little recap, you can be sure to have exciting weekly merch drops by The Used. Also, has anyone noticed festival season is quickly approaching? Excited to see the festival drops all of our favorites have. Who are you most excited to see this year? For all of our electronic music fans, Madeon is always hard at work visualizing new merch concepts to surprise his fans. Let me just say, what he’s working on now is HOT. He’s also playing plenty of festivals all over the world this year, so you can’t miss him! 

    Tune back in next week for more exciting exclusives from Absolute Merch!


    Taylor Janzen Merch:

    The Used Merch:

    Hands Like Houses Merch:

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    Julianna Taylor



    Welcome to our newest artist Yung Pinch as he joins the Absolute Merch family! Head over to his newly redesigned website to snag some of the new items available from his 4EVERHEARTBROKE line pictured below: 


    Along with Yung Pinch’s new website and merch is the kickoff of his All 4 the Love headlining tour! We’re hosting a sick VIP experience including a meet and greet with Yung Pinch and some extra perks added. Details below. Click here to get your VIP tickets!




    This year we had the opportunity to team up with some of our favorite bands to curate and produce their 2017 Warped Tour Merch Lines. We worked hand in hand with all of them every step of the way, from the designs, to the garments, and the custom hand dyed patterns. Below are the teaser videos we created to give an exclusive look at these items before the doors to Warped even opened.

     Hands Like Houses


     Too Close To Touch

     Neck Deep

     Silent Planet