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    News — Absolute Merch Presents


    GRABBITZ little EDM heart is crying. We have a new guy on the roster, coming in HOT with a dope drop too. GRABBITZ. Today we’re going to talk about his merch, as well as my favorite song of his. I’ll throw in some of his other songs too, just to give you guys some options. Or a break from me, I dunno…

    Okay, let’s start with the merch because I’m kinda sorta mesmerized by it. We have 3 black pieces and one white tee. The black...that’s the one I can’t get over. Each pattern has bright blue butterflies as well has his name. It’s the color contrast for me. Super eye grabbing. Like if I saw you wearing that at a bar, pre-covid of course, I would 100% ask you where you got it. No, I totally DO NOT have a shopping problem. My favorite is definitely the hoodie, I mean mentally, I am in hoodie season. Physically? I’m sweating. The hoodie is just so beautiful. Again, the blue on black was such a good move. Same with the tee. If you want to get really spicy, you can buy the tee in a size larger, like I always do, and crop it. can crop too...I will support the movement. There’s even a face mask. We’re still in a pandemic, so this is a staple. Wearing a mask that is also a fashion a HUGE flex. 

    Now...let’s talk about music. If you follow us on social media, you’ll have seen that I updated our Absolute Coachella playlist to include a couple GRABBITZ songs. This is just what the Coachella vibe needed. Right as we were getting a second wave of missing festival season. Before COVID even crossed my mind, I came across the song, “At Night.” When I heard it, I was like THIS IS THE SONG OF THE SUMMER. It definitely still was...but not the drunk in the club type of Summer I was thinking, ya know? However, when I got the news that he was dropping merch with us, I was like….this is my time to shine. Time to finally tell the world about the song I’ve been singing for months. No shame. I can’t sing it in the club, so I’ll sing it here. Another crowd favorite is “Someone Else” with EDM queen, REZZ. Don’t get me wrong, I love this song too. It’s like night time, Winter, driving down PCH vibes. Can you guys tell I drive down PCH a lot? It’s like my favorite way to listen to new music, I highly recommend you try it with these songs. “Someone Else” gives me, it’s cold outside, but I am warm vibes. That literally makes no sense, but so much at the same time. Figure it out. 

    Since it is Friday...unfortunately I won’t talk your ear off more about this...even though I really really want to. Nobody has time for that, I get it, it’s time to clock off and spend money. always...links will be below. You better cop something to match me. You also better go listen to these songs...PCH or not. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor



    Artists To Watch

    Artists To Watch

    Happy 2020! 

    Forget all the basic, “New Year, New Me” Instagram captions. How about, “New Year, New Music.” I thought I would kick off this new chapter, by introducing some artists for you to keep on your radar! While in 2019, these artists began their breakout, 2020 is proving that it is already their year. With tours, merch drops, and more, it will be hard to avoid these amazing singers! So, let me show you what they’re all about. 

    First up on our watch list is Vaines. Also known as Jared Gaines, this artist has proven he is ready to bend the rules in the pop-rock world. Personally, I love pop songs that have a bit of a moody twist. His first hit he released in 2019, “Medicine,” is the perfect mix of angst and party. I love breakup anthems that I can dance to. I mean who doesn’t? Does anyone REALLY want a heartbreak tune that they have no choice, but to cry in the shower to? No. It’s 2020, we’re dancing our problems away. However, if crying is more your thing, I totally respect that. One thing I love about this song is the unexpected guitar solo in the middle. Giving the tune an edgy vibe we didn’t know we needed. I know Vaines himself is proud of this transition, touching on it in a past interview. 

    His second track of 2019, was “Punchdrunk.” Another relatable emo love song. However, this one makes you want to roll down your windows, let the wind blow through your hair, while you forget about the person who clearly doesn’t like you back. Tragic, but beautiful. Since this bop came out toward the end of 2019, it really makes me wonder what 2020 has in store for Vaines. Obviously, nothing short of amazing. 

    Next up, we have the lovely, Taylor Janzen. Her voice is one that will soothe you to sleep on a rainy day, but also lift you up in the middle of rush hour traffic. Her breakout year, started with a release of an EP at the end of Spring in 2019. This included her single, “Shouting Matches.” This is the type of song I would listen to on my way home from work. When I just want to wind down from a long day and relax. This is also a great go-to song for when you’re feeling a little lost, and need help getting back into the right mindset again. From melancholy to hopeful, this song is a much needed emotional rollercoaster. Taylor ended her year with, “What I Do…” This song is definitely another sunroof open, warm, summer vibe. She begins the song with a concept we can all relate to, forgetting someone we once loved. This song can serve as closure to those of us who may still be looking for it in an ex. If you find yourself falling in love with Taylor Janzen, catch her on tour at the beginning of this year!

    Last but certainly not least, we have, Trevor Daniel. 2019 was a big year for Trevor. However, I feel like we need to blast back to 2018 for a second in order to come to terms with why 2019 was huge. In 2018, Trevor released his song, “Falling.” Now it’s no telling how long this song flew on the radar for, until Tik Tok blew it out of the water. This song became a viral hit, when users of the app started using it for comedy skits and breakup stories. Now, don’t be fooled. This song is definitely NOT a comedic hit. This song digs into a past relationship heartbreak, and how a new flame may be the one to change everything. In 2019, Trevor was firing out hits. With 4 new singles and 1 EP, he was determined to take the year by storm. Which is exactly what he did! His single, “Paranoid,” touches on typical paranoia we all have, about our lovers losing interest. His unique sound is familiar, yet unheard all in one. For that reason alone, I think he will go much farther than blowing up on comedy sketch apps in the near future. 

    Listen Here:


    Julianna Taylor

    Absolute Merch Presents: SPRING FLING 2018

    Absolute Merch Presents: SPRING FLING 2018

    We're super excited to announce that we are the Presenting Sponsor of Spring Fling 2018 going down at the Cleveland Agora, June 2nd and 3rd!

    Get your VIP & limited pre-sale now from Sound Rink. GA available Wednesday at

    Check out the lineup below! 


     Day 1 Lineup:

    The Front Bottoms
    The Wonder Years
    Tigers Jaw
    Tiny Moving Parts
    Remo Drive
    Heart Attack Man
    Super American
    Many Rooms

     Day 2 Lineup: