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    News — 2020



    know what you're thinking...where has she been?


    Honestly, I know absolutely nobody is thinking that. I'm acting like little miss influencer whenever I login over here, but hey, Twitter has been giving me a little ego boost lately.


    What you might be wondering is if you've missed anything. While there have been plenty of drops that came and went, a lot are still up for grabs. Who doesn't love a little post-Christmas shopping spree? It's the perfect time to stock up on next year's not so ugly holiday sweater. I can't be the only one who thinks "ugly" sweaters are actually extremely cute...right? Someone back me up here.


    2020 was a doozy. I mean, the music industry pretty much shut down for a second there with no clear path to recovery in sight. However, we all made the collective decision to not let it kill our drive. I'm not going to say we carried this my heart we did. I mean personally, my favorite memory was getting laid off, but we won't go there. I may ride that joke out until my career is over. My boss will never hear the end. However, I did get to stick around and talk all of your ears really I think the COVID layoff was more of a character builder. Trying to find the positives in everything here. Which, I would argue was the learning curve for everything that happened this year. Finding the positives.


    Anyways, we can talk about merch now, since I know that's what you all come for anyways. While I would love to tell you that there's a FAT discount you can use on all your next purchases, there isn't. However, a little birdie told me that everyone's starting to get their $600 stimulus checks overnight. I think it's time to spend all that on clothes. I mean...not like it can cover rent or bills anyways. I mean, at least if you're in Southern California. So, might as well TREAT YO SELF.


    If we're getting specific, Four Year Strong is STILL running their holiday merch until January 1st. Some of it isn't even Christmas themed. It ties into their livestream, so you can build your own bundle AND rewatch the online concert. What more could you ask for to end the year?? 


    We ALSO still have Charlotte Sands merch up and running through our website. I will say the "This Sweatshirt Was Yours," long sleeve is still the best seller. It's cozy AND a diss to your ex in a way. Kiss the year goodbye and your gross relationship history. We aren't bringing that into 2021 with us, I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.


    If you're interested in that NEW NEW, we have a K.Flay line. This one's really taking me back, there are CASETTES AND SLAP BRACELETS. My childhood self is thriving with this drop. She even has a cute poster of her posing with a LAVA LAMP. I mean, if that doesn't sell you, I don't know what will. Nostalgia sells, right?


    I really really really want to talk about stand out music for me this year. I know I blab on and on about it in separate posts, but it truly made the grueling year special. I mean, all we really got to do was sit inside and listen to music. It was a completely different experience than hearing it at the club or at a show. Something about being isolated and only having music, felt more intimate. Don't get me started on the song, "Bitter," with Fletcher and Trevor Daniel. For some reason that song is STILL resonating with me and it's been three months since I last spoke to you guys about it. However, a song quickly taking heed in my mind, is "Dress," by Charlotte Sands. I'm not even going to tell you WHO the song is about, because I feel like it's more exclusive and like an inside joke. Although, it is definitely easy to google. If you need more musical highlights, you can always checkout our playlists on the Absolute Merch Spotify. I clearly had fun during quarantine conjuring up different playlists out of my comfort zone. I promise to be more punk rock in 2021, okay?


    Well guys...I guess this is see you next year?! HAHA. Classic dad joke. I promise also to be less MIA, disconnecting for the holidays made me realize how much I miss sitting down and vibing on this blog. SO GET READY. 


    'Til next timeeeee!


    Julianna Taylor


    GRABBITZ little EDM heart is crying. We have a new guy on the roster, coming in HOT with a dope drop too. GRABBITZ. Today we’re going to talk about his merch, as well as my favorite song of his. I’ll throw in some of his other songs too, just to give you guys some options. Or a break from me, I dunno…

    Okay, let’s start with the merch because I’m kinda sorta mesmerized by it. We have 3 black pieces and one white tee. The black...that’s the one I can’t get over. Each pattern has bright blue butterflies as well has his name. It’s the color contrast for me. Super eye grabbing. Like if I saw you wearing that at a bar, pre-covid of course, I would 100% ask you where you got it. No, I totally DO NOT have a shopping problem. My favorite is definitely the hoodie, I mean mentally, I am in hoodie season. Physically? I’m sweating. The hoodie is just so beautiful. Again, the blue on black was such a good move. Same with the tee. If you want to get really spicy, you can buy the tee in a size larger, like I always do, and crop it. can crop too...I will support the movement. There’s even a face mask. We’re still in a pandemic, so this is a staple. Wearing a mask that is also a fashion a HUGE flex. 

    Now...let’s talk about music. If you follow us on social media, you’ll have seen that I updated our Absolute Coachella playlist to include a couple GRABBITZ songs. This is just what the Coachella vibe needed. Right as we were getting a second wave of missing festival season. Before COVID even crossed my mind, I came across the song, “At Night.” When I heard it, I was like THIS IS THE SONG OF THE SUMMER. It definitely still was...but not the drunk in the club type of Summer I was thinking, ya know? However, when I got the news that he was dropping merch with us, I was like….this is my time to shine. Time to finally tell the world about the song I’ve been singing for months. No shame. I can’t sing it in the club, so I’ll sing it here. Another crowd favorite is “Someone Else” with EDM queen, REZZ. Don’t get me wrong, I love this song too. It’s like night time, Winter, driving down PCH vibes. Can you guys tell I drive down PCH a lot? It’s like my favorite way to listen to new music, I highly recommend you try it with these songs. “Someone Else” gives me, it’s cold outside, but I am warm vibes. That literally makes no sense, but so much at the same time. Figure it out. 

    Since it is Friday...unfortunately I won’t talk your ear off more about this...even though I really really want to. Nobody has time for that, I get it, it’s time to clock off and spend money. always...links will be below. You better cop something to match me. You also better go listen to these songs...PCH or not. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor





    Happy new week all you hooligans!

    Okay, I feel like my titles for these posts are getting super clickbait-y. I promise they’re not! Tell me your Monday’s aren’t a little messy...I’ll wait. Nobody asked, but I am going to tell you why today mine is particularly crazy. Friday, I had every intention of talking your ears off about Blackbear’s new single. However, the day slipped away from me, and I had to trash it. I know, so sad. So, that leads me back here. We’re going to catch up on the new tune, and catch up on life. Consider this a little break from reality.

    So, Blackbear released a single on Friday called, “queen of broken hearts.” Honestly, this song makes it seem like savage Bear is back. Don’t worry, he’s still out here being the best dad ever. I particularly love this song because of the funky beat in the back. He’s going on to say that his life has become dark, and that he will break someone into a thousand parts. However, as the song goes on, you’ll realize it’s because he is also a walking broken heart. C’mon, we all know the phrase, “hurt people, hurt people.” I hope you read that as it was intended to be spoken. It’s written really confusing, trust me it took me a second too. While this song is amazing, I don’t think that’s the best part. He’s coming out with part ONE of his LP, and he released the track names on Twitter. For me, I need to know the song titles in advance. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Maybe I subconsciously need to prepare for what mood I’m going to be in while listening. Yeah, let’s go with that. He also dropped a new shirt to go with it. It’s the sparkly sad girl tears of our dreams. Go get it.

    Now, let’s talk about something a little more real-life. Let me know if you like these little Monday check-in’s, I’ll do them more. So, as we all know, 2020 is just the worst. It’s okay to be the most positive person on the planet, and admit this. I totally understand. For a while, I didn’t want to seem so negative, and I tried to have a positive outlook. Don’t get me wrong, there is still hope the year will turn around. Let’s all manifest it people! However, with recent Pop Culture news, it is hard to see the bright side. Which leads me to my next point. Everyone is going through something they don’t speak about. Kindness is always the answer. As I live my 9-5 life in the DMs with you all, I can’t help but notice people in the comments sections not treating each other the best. I am sure if you are reading this, you are probably not one of them. If you are, C’MON NOW. If we want to really dig deep, I can tell you that I promise your favorite artists see this all go down. So, when flowing through your week, remember, we are all human. We all have feelings, tragically. Let’s be a little kinder to one another.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor

    Blackbear “queen of broken hearts” Shirt:

    Weekly Recap

    Weekly Recap

    We made it everyone, it’s Friday.

    Do you feel like this week kind of blew over your head? If so, don’t worry, I’m here to recap what you missed. Merch drops, music news, and upcoming events are coming your way. 

    First, let’s discuss an update that literally nobody asked for. We joined the Tik Tok cult. Have you seen our “About Us” page? We are a FULL SERVICE merchandising company. Part of that service is entertainment. You’re welcome. Feel free to let us know any dances you want to see us perform, what specific artist merch you want us to wear, and which of our artists’ songs you want to hear. You other merch companies could never. 

    Okay back to our regularly scheduled programming. We’re going to talk about burning a hole in your wallet. There were some pretty steamy merch drops this week, if I do say so myself. We’ll start off with Taylor Janzen, because I haven’t talked your ear off about her enough this week. We just launched a few of her awesome items on our store yesterday. My favorite? The puff ink hoodie. The back reads, “Sad Songs For Everyone,” in adorable fun writing. I mean, c’mon, puff ink is so nostalgic. Everyone’s childhood includes them somewhere, doodling on something, with puffy paint. Am I wrong? Don’t worry though, if hoodies and puffy ink aren’t your thing, we have a few more things to choose from. Maybe you’re old school and want to pick up a cd to play in your car, or if you’re cool, a Walkman. Throwback. We also have hats, to give you protection from this warm sun coming back, or t-shirts to rock at work. Whatever mood you’re in, find it now in our store! 

    Next up we have The Used. This one is particularly cool because the whole website is an interactive experience. With items that haven’t been released yet, a tarot card holds its place. Cool, right? They’re basically predicting your future for you, and your destiny is to purchase some merch. Currently, they are expected to have four drops. Today marked number two! They marked this next drop with a new dyed tee. If you look at the previous drop, you’ll notice a running theme! However, with this dyed tee, they shook it up a little bit. My personal favorite, “The Hanged Man Tee,” sold out extremely fast. Which is why I’d definitely advise setting reminders for the rest of their drops! Each design is unique, and I can’t wait to see what the cards predict next!

    Lastly, an artist you can check out right here, is Hands Like Houses. Is it just me, or does tour merch just vibe differently? In the best way. That’s what we have here! Whether you saw them or not, these items are pretty sick. Each piece has a different vibe, making it easy to find something for everyone! Maybe you saw them at a show, but you were too busy living in the moment to really stop and take a look. Now’s your chance! If we’re playing favorites here, like I have been this whole time, the Mandala Speckle Long Sleeve is my winner. Mandala’s always give me a sort of mystical vibe. I feel like everyone loves them too. However, they’re a limited item, so get it before it’s gone!

    Now, some music news. Everyone’s favorite sad boy, Blackbear, has been topping Spotify’s hits charts for a hot minute now. With “me & ur ghost,” circulating the top hits charts, it makes you wonder, is everyone haunted by an ex lately? If so, I feel for you. However, if any of you have fallen behind on pop culture news, like I did a while ago, Blackbear has a cub! Just a couple weeks ago, a little baby boy came into the world. Will his music take a shift from sad boy club, to happy new dad club? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. For all you Lil Xan fans, he just released a new single today, “Wide Awake.” For another emo boy, this song is relatively upbeat. All our other favorite artists seem to be currently busy creating new magic for our ears. Or, having the time of their lives touring. We love to see it! 

    So, what do we have to look forward to besides new music, hopefully? Well, as a little recap, you can be sure to have exciting weekly merch drops by The Used. Also, has anyone noticed festival season is quickly approaching? Excited to see the festival drops all of our favorites have. Who are you most excited to see this year? For all of our electronic music fans, Madeon is always hard at work visualizing new merch concepts to surprise his fans. Let me just say, what he’s working on now is HOT. He’s also playing plenty of festivals all over the world this year, so you can’t miss him! 

    Tune back in next week for more exciting exclusives from Absolute Merch!


    Taylor Janzen Merch:

    The Used Merch:

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    Julianna Taylor

    Artists To Watch

    Artists To Watch

    Happy 2020! 

    Forget all the basic, “New Year, New Me” Instagram captions. How about, “New Year, New Music.” I thought I would kick off this new chapter, by introducing some artists for you to keep on your radar! While in 2019, these artists began their breakout, 2020 is proving that it is already their year. With tours, merch drops, and more, it will be hard to avoid these amazing singers! So, let me show you what they’re all about. 

    First up on our watch list is Vaines. Also known as Jared Gaines, this artist has proven he is ready to bend the rules in the pop-rock world. Personally, I love pop songs that have a bit of a moody twist. His first hit he released in 2019, “Medicine,” is the perfect mix of angst and party. I love breakup anthems that I can dance to. I mean who doesn’t? Does anyone REALLY want a heartbreak tune that they have no choice, but to cry in the shower to? No. It’s 2020, we’re dancing our problems away. However, if crying is more your thing, I totally respect that. One thing I love about this song is the unexpected guitar solo in the middle. Giving the tune an edgy vibe we didn’t know we needed. I know Vaines himself is proud of this transition, touching on it in a past interview. 

    His second track of 2019, was “Punchdrunk.” Another relatable emo love song. However, this one makes you want to roll down your windows, let the wind blow through your hair, while you forget about the person who clearly doesn’t like you back. Tragic, but beautiful. Since this bop came out toward the end of 2019, it really makes me wonder what 2020 has in store for Vaines. Obviously, nothing short of amazing. 

    Next up, we have the lovely, Taylor Janzen. Her voice is one that will soothe you to sleep on a rainy day, but also lift you up in the middle of rush hour traffic. Her breakout year, started with a release of an EP at the end of Spring in 2019. This included her single, “Shouting Matches.” This is the type of song I would listen to on my way home from work. When I just want to wind down from a long day and relax. This is also a great go-to song for when you’re feeling a little lost, and need help getting back into the right mindset again. From melancholy to hopeful, this song is a much needed emotional rollercoaster. Taylor ended her year with, “What I Do…” This song is definitely another sunroof open, warm, summer vibe. She begins the song with a concept we can all relate to, forgetting someone we once loved. This song can serve as closure to those of us who may still be looking for it in an ex. If you find yourself falling in love with Taylor Janzen, catch her on tour at the beginning of this year!

    Last but certainly not least, we have, Trevor Daniel. 2019 was a big year for Trevor. However, I feel like we need to blast back to 2018 for a second in order to come to terms with why 2019 was huge. In 2018, Trevor released his song, “Falling.” Now it’s no telling how long this song flew on the radar for, until Tik Tok blew it out of the water. This song became a viral hit, when users of the app started using it for comedy skits and breakup stories. Now, don’t be fooled. This song is definitely NOT a comedic hit. This song digs into a past relationship heartbreak, and how a new flame may be the one to change everything. In 2019, Trevor was firing out hits. With 4 new singles and 1 EP, he was determined to take the year by storm. Which is exactly what he did! His single, “Paranoid,” touches on typical paranoia we all have, about our lovers losing interest. His unique sound is familiar, yet unheard all in one. For that reason alone, I think he will go much farther than blowing up on comedy sketch apps in the near future. 

    Listen Here:


    Julianna Taylor