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    As I’m still riding the high of yesterday’s Superbowl Halftime show, I decided, why not have my OWN halftime? It’s the middle of the workday, on a Monday, and I’m thriving. I think that’s worthy of having my own blog-based performance? 

    Nobody asked, but let me give you a little game time review of my life. As you all know, our company is based out of Southern California. If you’ve really been doing your research, you’ll know specifically, we are in Orange County. When COVID hit us hard last year, they decided to lay me off. THE AUDACITY RIGHT? We all good now though, there’s no beef. However, in that short period of me being jobless, thriving off unemployment; I really saw life differently. I was still living with my parents, and decided when I was rehired, I would move out. Yes, I was thinking to myself WHEN I got rehired. I’m too good to lose, we all know. Flash forward, I flee the coop, still in OC. As most of you could tell, the content diminished. Blogs became few and far between, Instagram stories were the only place you could find me. The DMs also, but sometimes I don’t want to be found there. People are mean and I’m sensitive.

    Anyways, it had become clear that my drive to do anything creative had vanished. In life’s crazy circumstances, I was given the opportunity to pack all my things and move. Only to LA, where I could live out my Absolute Merch influencer life. Let me tell you, the city is INSPIRING. I have been here a week, and look at me, BLOGGIN’ ON A MONDAY. I also have so much more content lined up for you this week, I will immediately write it after this post is up.

    While some of you are picky with your favorite bands, or picky with the merch that you buy; I’m a picky writer. I won’t give you something half-assed. Just like I won’t neglect you in the DMs. I have a shopping problem, so I completely empathize when you order your things and want them droned to your doorstep. I GET IT. I’m literally about to take my lunch and shop right now. Any of my coworkers reading this will be horrified, as they tell me once a week to save money. 

    I also am a FAN. Yesterday’s halftime show brought me to LIFE. While all the boomers are extremely upset because they don’t understand the show. I’m thriving. So, yes, I get you. I think people just think I’m a robot in the DMs. Which, some days I feel like one. However, I am literally just a fangirl. If you really think about it. I mean not to toot my own horn, but I am smart. I also do love helping get your problems solved when you message me. Some of you think I just don’t care. That’s why it’s important to note I am a fan too. I get stressed when I order something from my favorite artist and it goes rogue. I ordered a vinyl from a DJ I love with no tracking, it just showed up 4 months later. Ordering merch sometimes is like a fun little surprise! Especially when you live overseas these days. Will it come next week? Or will it come next year? With COVID impacts, we have no idea! It’s like Jigsaw is playing little games with our packages. 

    SO, I interrupted your lunch break for today’s halftime show. Which was really just me explaining to you who I am. A FANGIRL. As well as someone who lives on their phone far too much. The audacity I had setting a time limit on my apps before starting this job, I have to laugh. However, I also have to turn this into a selling point. Not because my boss has a gun to my head or anything. Solely because I saw this item, and I was like, “whoa.” Maybe you’ll have the same reaction. In short, it literally is just a phone case. Megan Batoon’s “It’s Not Reality” case struck me to my core. It says “Social Media Isn’t Reality.” I think a lot of us, not just social media managers, needed to hear that today. What you see online, whether it’s people you love, musicians you look up to, or products you want to buy; is all distorted. It’s social media, it’s supposed to be pretty. What you don’t see are the tears that go into making your favorite songs, the frantic phone calls that go into making your new favorite t-shirt, or the photoshopping that goes on the model’s bodies. IT’S NOT REAL. Even me typing this is fake. You probably think I’m wide-eyed, hair done, anything but sweats on. Nope. While internally I have a lot of enthusiasm, I’m writing this deadpan. BECAUSE I’M FAKE. Anyways, I’m buying that phone case, there’s a lot left. If you simp over social media, and Tik Tok, like me...get one to match.


    ‘Til next timeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor


    BAD NEWS...

    BAD NEWS...

    In beginning my new faux influencer life, I have decided that any blog posts from here on out are going to be fueled by clickbait. Unless they are actually meaningful and important. 

    So, I have some bad news. For some of us, others probably are screaming internally with excitement. What is the bad news you might ask? COACHELLA WAS CANCELLED. Guys, I literally do not know what to do. Sure, I can update the Absolute Coachella Playlist as much as I want, even though it has clearly been lacking. I PROMISE THIS WEEK IT’S COMING. Listen guys, I moved to LA to be a fake influencer, I’ll be on my ish now. 

    Will I, though? I mean, my main source of basic b inspiration has always come from stomping the grounds at the Empire Polo Fields. Now in 2022, I’m going to have to upgrade and escape the Coachella grounds and find one of the polo horses and ride one to the Main Stage. Real chaotic energy in this room today. I didn’t have my green juice, so I must be spiraling. 

    So, with 2020 still looming over us in 2021, what are we going to do? Cry? I most certainly will. I talk about crying a lot on here, but it really only happens once a month. We’ll see in 2021, though. I was really looking forward to all my favorite shows coming back, and there is a good chance they still might. There may be room for some of our smaller artists to take the stage this year, but my standards are low. NOT MUSIC-WISE. Just, for 2021. I feel like if we set the bar to the floor, there is little to no room for disappointment. I tell myself that, and still get worked up when I wake up to my tickets being rescheduled again. 

    I’m going to share a haunting thought I had yesterday. All tickets being rescheduled will be honored for the ORIGINAL date. Or at least that’s what StubHub has been telling me. Can you imagine? We finally get to go to the show we’ve been waiting two years for, and have to look down and see the year 2020. It’s daunting. Disgusting, even. I shudder to think of the day. However, I may be feeling so euphoric that I just laugh it off entirely. Luckily, I didn’t buy tickets for Coachella 2020. I don’t think I’d be able to show up to a festival with a wristband of the year that tried to ruin my life. We are leaving toxicity in the past baby. 

    As my 2021 is inevitably going to end without me meeting my soulmate at Coachella, I still have high hopes. I mean, we’ve all been through this before. Can we do it again? Maybe with alcohol it’ll be more tolerable. Restaurants will be opening soon, and I’ll be blacking out. Kidding...maybe. If we’re lucky, we’ll continue to be having livestreams, making the festival hangover way easier to manage. From the comfort of our own living room we can have our come up and come down. Am I just a grandma now? Why does that sound fun? 

    I can’t leave you here without some good news. For the next three weekends, Silverstein will be hosting livestream concerts. LITERALLY THREE WEEKENDS. Iconic. Super Bowl who? You can go to their Instagram to find the ticket link, OR you can go to ours, where we’ll be sharing it non-stop, so you don’t forget. As well as some other artists as well, be on the lookout. What goes down, must come up. I’m changing the saying. Positive spin team over here. Be sure to follow along all our socials for many more updates.

    ‘Til next timeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor




    Today we’re talking about drugs.

    Yep, you heard me right. DRUGS.

    Tai Verdes released a music video last week, obviously titled, “Drugs,” and I felt compelled to sit down and talk about everything I love about substances. Kidding, I wish. I am going to review the music video for you, though. Maybe to compel you to watch it yourself and decide how you feel about the topics sung about. 

    I’m going to keep this short, so you can go do drugs and watch the video yourselves, okay? Just not hard drugs...we don’t condone...and neither does Tai. So punny today!

    As an avid plant healer myself, I love this video. The way the colors start changing to reflect the mood of the video after he takes a hit is, *chefs kiss.* I also can really relate to him not wanting to tell his parents. It has me reminiscing on the times in high school when we would all get high in a really sketchy forest and just tell our parents we were tired. Why did we do that?? Why were we not more afraid of serial killers? Did we die though? I guess not. Now that trees are legal, I feel like people don’t think it’s as fun anymore. Which, couldn’t be further from the truth. I mean it changes Tai’s whole outlook on life...helloooooo...can someone say good vibes?

    This music video is a fresh take on what our parents worst nightmares are. All of us are massive stoners now, whether we wanted to be or not. What else was there to do in a pandemic? Cry? Not on my watch, sweeties. While I know that getting high may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think either way we can all relate to this song. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely am not promoting something way more hardcore and illegal. NEITHER IS OUR ARTIST. He even sings it in the song, nobody call 911. I was browsing the comments, and it looks like everyone can relate even if they don’t smoke. They’re here for Tai just overall promoting positivity. Isn’t that what we all need right now? A lot of people like the fact that he’s stirring the pot a little bit. To be fair, I’m not really sure how pot-stirring this is. I have definitely heard plenty of songs about crack. Don’t act like you haven’t too. 

    Since I promised this time I wouldn’t spoil the entire video for you, I’m going to do something even better. I’m going to spoil the comments for you. Sometimes I will spend HOURS in the comments section. Okay, I am literally so dramatic. I spent maybe 5 minutes there. Depending on how nasty people are, I do not live for negativity. Everyone interprets art differently, but that’s a rant for another day. However, I do not see one single negative comment on this video. Which, I feel, is a really good reflection of Tai’s demeanor in general. The way you present yourself on social media is the way your fans are going to present themselves in the comments. I SAID WHAT I SAID. I’m still waiting for my fans to show up in the chat on here. All you guys ask me is to make your shirts faster...I am on my couch. I wish. 

    With that being said, I encourage you to watch the video, right this very second. I also may or may not encourage you to light up. It’s what my boss would want for you too.

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor

    DRUGS Music Video:



    You know what my favorite thing to do while working from home is? Blasting reality TV in the background. When I am not blogging, I need constant background noise. What better way to fulfill that need than to have adults looking for love, screaming at each other? 

    As a surprise to no one, because I am tragically single, I love the show “Are you the One.” This show is pure chaos. Let me give you a brief synopsis, so juicy, that you will want to immediately leave here and go binge it yourself. Don’t worry, Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix at your disposal. In short, the show is SUPPOSED to be about finding your soulmate. Based on a single survey. Like are you kidding? If that’s the case, I can find my soulmate from my sandwich order at Which Wich. C’mon now. Anyways, like I said, the whole point is to find love, right? Well then why do they offer you A MILLION DOLLARS if you all pair correctly? Motive of the whole show changes, f love, I want money. It becomes chaotic when most people realize, they in fact LOVE WHO THEY LOVE, and don’t want to base it off of the survey. Yet, there are the select few, who really really want the money. I actually don’t even know if it’s a million, I just know it’s a large sum. 

    So you’re probably wondering why you are reading the ramblings of a lunatic addicted to reality television. WELL, because one of our very own, Tai Verdes...was a star. Going by Tyler, he debuted on Season 6...fresh off the heartbreak express. He was very open about, well, not being able to open up in a relationship. All with good reason, heartbreak is no joke. One of my favorite moments, however, came after the chaos of the show. When the whole cast sits down and reflects on their triumphs or mistakes, Tai and co-star Ethan had a little ukulele rap performance for the audience. While that sounds like it entirely doesn’t go together instrumentally and lyrically, IT DOES. While I can’t speak on Ethan’s rapping career, I can definitely say that for Tai this was just the beginning. I mean, look where he is now! He just dropped a new music video today, which I WILL be reviewing for you guys this week...don’t worry. So, you better go watch it before I write a novel about the whole plot.

    Moral of the story...if you’re looking to take off in your career. Start on reality TV. Or at least pretend. I sit in my house, working away for the public, and find myself staring into imaginary cameras often. Like I am the main character….okay I’m lying I definitely don’t do that. Mentally, though? I 100% do. If staring into imaginary cameras, or let alone HAVING REAL ONES SHOVED IN YOUR FACE, isn’t your’re in luck. There’s this super cool thing called streaming, and you can watch everyone else live the chaos instead. While season 6 of “Are You The One” doesn’t appear to be on Netflix, I definitely think it’s worth at least a free trial to MTV’s streaming to watch Tai find love. You can watch him find love and take off his music career all in one. A real do it all guy. You can also tune back here this week to see me reviewing his newest music video. 

    ‘Til next timeeeeee!

    Julianna Taylor

    Ethan and Tai’s Performance Here:



    know what you're thinking...where has she been?


    Honestly, I know absolutely nobody is thinking that. I'm acting like little miss influencer whenever I login over here, but hey, Twitter has been giving me a little ego boost lately.


    What you might be wondering is if you've missed anything. While there have been plenty of drops that came and went, a lot are still up for grabs. Who doesn't love a little post-Christmas shopping spree? It's the perfect time to stock up on next year's not so ugly holiday sweater. I can't be the only one who thinks "ugly" sweaters are actually extremely cute...right? Someone back me up here.


    2020 was a doozy. I mean, the music industry pretty much shut down for a second there with no clear path to recovery in sight. However, we all made the collective decision to not let it kill our drive. I'm not going to say we carried this my heart we did. I mean personally, my favorite memory was getting laid off, but we won't go there. I may ride that joke out until my career is over. My boss will never hear the end. However, I did get to stick around and talk all of your ears really I think the COVID layoff was more of a character builder. Trying to find the positives in everything here. Which, I would argue was the learning curve for everything that happened this year. Finding the positives.


    Anyways, we can talk about merch now, since I know that's what you all come for anyways. While I would love to tell you that there's a FAT discount you can use on all your next purchases, there isn't. However, a little birdie told me that everyone's starting to get their $600 stimulus checks overnight. I think it's time to spend all that on clothes. I mean...not like it can cover rent or bills anyways. I mean, at least if you're in Southern California. So, might as well TREAT YO SELF.


    If we're getting specific, Four Year Strong is STILL running their holiday merch until January 1st. Some of it isn't even Christmas themed. It ties into their livestream, so you can build your own bundle AND rewatch the online concert. What more could you ask for to end the year?? 


    We ALSO still have Charlotte Sands merch up and running through our website. I will say the "This Sweatshirt Was Yours," long sleeve is still the best seller. It's cozy AND a diss to your ex in a way. Kiss the year goodbye and your gross relationship history. We aren't bringing that into 2021 with us, I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.


    If you're interested in that NEW NEW, we have a K.Flay line. This one's really taking me back, there are CASETTES AND SLAP BRACELETS. My childhood self is thriving with this drop. She even has a cute poster of her posing with a LAVA LAMP. I mean, if that doesn't sell you, I don't know what will. Nostalgia sells, right?


    I really really really want to talk about stand out music for me this year. I know I blab on and on about it in separate posts, but it truly made the grueling year special. I mean, all we really got to do was sit inside and listen to music. It was a completely different experience than hearing it at the club or at a show. Something about being isolated and only having music, felt more intimate. Don't get me started on the song, "Bitter," with Fletcher and Trevor Daniel. For some reason that song is STILL resonating with me and it's been three months since I last spoke to you guys about it. However, a song quickly taking heed in my mind, is "Dress," by Charlotte Sands. I'm not even going to tell you WHO the song is about, because I feel like it's more exclusive and like an inside joke. Although, it is definitely easy to google. If you need more musical highlights, you can always checkout our playlists on the Absolute Merch Spotify. I clearly had fun during quarantine conjuring up different playlists out of my comfort zone. I promise to be more punk rock in 2021, okay?


    Well guys...I guess this is see you next year?! HAHA. Classic dad joke. I promise also to be less MIA, disconnecting for the holidays made me realize how much I miss sitting down and vibing on this blog. SO GET READY. 


    'Til next timeeeee!


    Julianna Taylor