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    Pandemic Pump Up

    Pandemic Pump Up

    Happy Hump Day ladies and gents!!

    So, I am sure a lot of you saw, last week we curated a playlist solely to put you in a good mood. How can you pass it up?? You can’t. Let me tell you why.

    Everything is really crazy. Trust me, I know. With every passing day, comes a new challenge. Some of you may feel like you’re lost. If you’re anything like me, you’re questioning the entire five year plan you set for yourself. On the other hand, some of you may be feeling stuck, even if you are where you need to be. It’s extremely confusing, and being on lockdown is not any easier. 

    So, that’s where this playlist comes in. Personally, when I listen to music, I go to a whole new world. While I am still stuck in my head daydreaming, at least I am not stuck in my head worrying. You know? Another thing I love to do while blasting feel good music, is take a little drive with the windows down. Something we can all appreciate during this wild time is fresh air. Seems silly and a little miniscule, but try it! It’s freeing. This playlist is perfect for that. You know what else it’s perfect for? YOU GUESSED IT. Hot girl summer. I have said it once, but if you’re new here, it is also hot boy summer. Nobody is excluded. 

    While this playlist may not make you sweat like you’re 10 hours deep into your Coachella rave fest, it does add a little pep in your step. With powerful baddies like: Blackbear, Aminé, and Quadeca. Those are only a few! Now, if you’re super keen on details, you’ll notice I added a couple little features. A lot of our artists have been featured on OTHER artist’s tracks lately, and they’re just as good. 

    Right now, my favorite is,  “Tinted Eyes.” Featuring Blackbear, this song does things to me. Is it 7am and I am grumpy on my way to spin class? Putting this on. Is it 1pm and I am still grumpy because my caffeine is wearing off? Putting this on. You get my vibe here? You cannot be grumpy listening to this. While this may be my flavor of the week, I encourage you to find yours. Maybe you need some rap. Quadeca could be the man to get your gears going. Again, go on a little drive. I find that you can really get more pumped by this playlist when your phone is not around. And OBVIOUSLY texting and driving is a no go. So, you’re FORCED to be alone with the music, and your big goals and dreams. Or, just your own version of carpool karaoke. Both are highly recommended. 

    Again, this playlist is meant to free your mind. Which, in turn, will get you amped. Like I said, times are insane. I am a big fan of change, but with something new and stressful everyday, I need a mental break sometimes. It is so important to take care of yourself, and do something that will benefit your mind and spirit during this pandemic. I hope this playlist helps you out with that.

    Playlist Link:

    ‘Til next timeeeeeeeee

    Julianna Taylor

    New Music Friday

    New Music Friday


    I hope none of you are sick of me this week, clearly I’ve had a lot to say lately. However, if you ARE sick of me, the mute button exists. Just kidding, please stay. I have so many exciting things to share with you. 

    So, I am sure you guys are aware that so many exciting new music drops happened today. Is 2020 making a turn for the better? Or am I just jumping to conclusions? New music Friday’s make the world feel like a far more normal place. 

    First up on our list, we have Trevor Daniel with, “Past Life.” Honestly, this one is kinda iconic. Selena Gomez hopped on this track as well, to give it an even deeper vibe. I have no idea why, but when two powerful voices mix on an emotional track, it just gets THAT much better. I know you feel me. I started my day by listening to this song, which immediately got me in my feels. By the way, is everyone good? It’s Cancer season in the astrology world and I know everyone’s feeling ALL the emotions. Just checking in. This song is the cherry on top. This song is very open to interpretation and maybe it’s just so fresh that it’s really taking me a second to wrap my brain around it. However, this is my take that nobody asked for. To me, this song sounds like two people willing to give up their games to move forward with each other. They talk about how they used each other, because that’s all they knew. Now, they’re leaving their “Past Life” behind to start fresh. Honestly, iconic. We love personal growth to benefit a relationship. Adulting!

    Next, we have Vaines. Guess what, we have another emotional one. Today is really for the simps, and I am 100% here for it. The song, “She’s Not You,” is pretty self explanatory with the title. He basically goes on to talk about how he can’t stop thinking about his ex. Or, maybe this girl is simply the one who got away. Again, totally open to how you’re feeling about this song initially. Does this song make me feel a certain way about anyone in particular? No. Do I still want to cry under my covers even though it’s 90 degrees outside? Yes. One of my favorite things about literally anything Vaines does, is his guitar riffs in the middle of songs. The song is already a 10/10. Guitar solo? Instant 100/10. This song is everything your little emotional heart needs. Apologetic, for possibly breaking her heart. HONEST, for saying that this other chick is literally nothing compared to her. Also, communicative. He doesn’t want all his words to go unspoken. Just really makes me wonder if he ever got her back. Brb crying. 

    While I am sure that your new music feeds are already SO poppin, I still thought I would add a couple fresh ones that might have slipped your radar. So, as always, I will have them linked below.

    Until next time…

    Julianna Taylor



    Is it just me or does anyone else associate music videos with the summer season? Maybe it just gives me flashbacks to when MTV was blasting them on those late warm nights. I dunno.

    With that being said, I feel it in my soul that Summer 2020 is going to be revived by amazing music videos from all our favorite artists. Gut feelings are always right, yeah? This week I am talking about Aminé’s new music video for, “Riri.” Let me tell you, it’s pretty iconic if you haven’t seen it already.

    Let’s just say, his fans are hilarious. Before even watching videos, I love to scroll through comments and look at people’s reactions. Aminé’s comment section is pure comedy. Everyone is making lighthearted jokes about him finally coming out of the woodworks with more magic. I love it. His fans are truly a representation of him in a sense. Everyone is positive, and everyone is supportive. Not only of his music, but of each other! In crazy times like today, it’s nice to not see internet hate comments for once. Extremely refreshing. 

    Since this week I have been on the topic of hot girl/boy summer, I think this song fits perfectly. Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it. At first, he comes off as dissing this chick for not putting in as much effort as him, FAIR. Pretty much just saying that she only wanted his money. Hate that for him, but in terms of hot girl summer, do we love that for her? For the sake of this we don’t. We do not stan someone who breaks Aminé’s heart. Especially not THREE times. 

    Watching the video it is very clear he is just fine without this girl. I mean, are any of us reading this right now doing it from their mansion balcony? Honestly, if so, please invite me. He also makes me want to cruise around with the top down with all my friends. Yet again, do not have a vehicle that is capable of that, he’s already winning more than me. I can pretend with my Jetta though...right? Another thing I love about this video is how he incorporates all of his friend group. As I was reading through the comments, this seems to be a common theme for him! While Aminé is extremely humble, it’s also nice to watch him carry all the friends to the top with him, music video by music video. Goes to show yet again, that he is an overall great guy. 

    This music video just really makes me think who I am going to hit with the peace sign this Summer. Maybe some of you already have. Again, it’s hot girl/boy summer, I SUPPORT YOU. Clearly so does Aminé! You seriously should watch the video first, I totally haven’t watched it three times already…

    RIRI Music Video:

    RIRI MERCH (surprise there’s a new tee for the music vid!!):

    Julianna Taylor

    How To Rock Your Graphic Tee

    How To Rock Your Graphic Tee

    I’m back.

    This time, without mentioning that we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. Today is different. We’re talkin’ FASHION. 

    This is going to be a fun way to pretend that I haven’t worn the same pair of PJs to my home office, for the past 3 days. I know we are all dying to put on our new merch, even if it’s just to wear it to the living room. 

    Ladies, I’m talkin’ to you first. If you all aren’t aware, hot girl summer started last week. I know. It came up on us quickly. Don’t worry, whether you have a man, or want to ruin one’s life...I’m here to help. So, during my stimulus check shopping spree, I found that I bought a lot more bottoms than anything. Anyone else? So, I found a perfect combo for all those band tees we all love so much. Since we can no longer wear them to shows, we have to go all out. Hear me out, maxi skirt. Whether you are long legged, or stumpy like me, this is EVERYTHING. Especially if you can find a silk cheetah one that all the basic IG baddies have. If your graphic tee isn’t cropped, your trendiest solution here is to tuck part of it in. Trust me. If you’re a belt kinda gal, now is your time to shine. However, if not, leave it out. I’m going to keep it simple on the feet for ya as well. Sneakers. Any kind of white sneaks you have. Of course, I am as basic as it gets, and my mind flew to Nike Air Force 1s. I know you know what I’m talking about.

    Now, if your tee is a little oversized, we can play it up a little bit. Let’s think of Ariana Grande here. T-shirt dresses are all the rage, and don’t try and tell me you’re too tall for it, I won’t stand for it. This one is super easy, because you can either throw on sneakers and run to get coffee, or you can put on some heels. Don’t get crazy though, a nice little bootie will do. Suddenly, you’re feeling 10x more put together than you have all of quarantine, and you look it too. In the shortest amount of time, hot girl summer, you’re welcome. 

    Men, I didn’t forget about you. I guess you can be included in hot boy summer, we’ll make an exception. You guys are just so effortless when getting dressed. I wish I had that kind of luxury. If you are on the more simple side, pairing one of our graphic tees with jeans and cool sneakers is always the way to go. However, it’s hot boy summer, we aren’t looking for simple here. We want EXTRA. So, time to bust out the party pants. It can be plaid, tie dye, or literally any other print. Something that lets people know you care about your look today. Some would even go as far to say a baseball hat can up your look by 10 points. Try it for yourself. Let me know.

    Guys can also be found rocking the oversized graphic tee look. Unfortunately, not sure if you can get away with Ariana Grande’s version of this, but feel free to try in the comfort of your own home. My personal favorite is when guys wear an oversized tee look with black jeans. Don’t ask me why, because I really don’t know. Something about it just feels trendy and feels right. Extra points for if you’re cuffing your jeans at the bottom, again we are fashion ICONS here. 

    While everyone’s style is different, I encourage you to try some of these basic ideas. The more you get the hang of what’s “trendy”, you’ll be able to add your own personal touch to things. As long as you rock it with confidence. That’s the epitome of hot girl/boy summer, feeling your best.

    Don’t have any tees of your own? Don’t worry, down below are going to be some of my favorites you all should try.

    See you next time!

    Julianna Taylor

    Trendy shirts to make hot looks out of:


    WEEKLY RECAP’s time...for your Absolute Merch weekly recap. 

    I know, I know. It’s been a while. However, if you follow us on Instagram, I am sure you’ve been keeping up with the times! Don’t worry though, for the next 5 minutes, I’ll give you the rundown for this week.

    We’ve had so many exciting things happen, but I want to first take a moment to shine light on the most recent news. We have been featured in another article! This time for Billboard. So exciting! Last time you probably saw our CEO, Billy Candler, talking about the future of merch without tours. This time, he is shining light on all the charities these online sales have helped. While helping artists with online merch sales has been amazing, it has been even better to give back to the community that is constantly helping us! That same community who also took a hit during this pandemic. Since Billy’s words are far better than mine, I will let you read the article yourself (linked below).

    Next up on our list: Madeon. I know all you Madeon fans have been antsy. His stuff sells out so fast, it's insane! I love it though. For those who love the Good Faith hoodies, now is your time to shine. Momentarily. These will sell out fast again! While he also restocked plenty of other items, those sold out immediately. Love that for him! So, get your hoodies now before they’re gone again!

    Next we have: Aminé. Something I love about this drop is that a portion of the proceeds will be going to charity as well. My personal favorite? The pink 123 long sleeve shirt! I am a fan of all the bright colors artists are releasing lately, it’ll look so good in the sunlight when we’re all allowed outside! However, if pink isn’t your jam, there is also the same thing in black! He even has sticker packs and posters. Just anything you might need! 

    Need your Witt Lowry fix? WE GOT YOU. Thursday, he launched some new items. My favorite part about this drop is the pop of color we get. Like a green hoodie! Perfect for lounging in the house and working! Lately in California, the weather has been super gloomy. So, having some new hoodies to cozy up in, is iconic. Now, if you already are sitting here thinking you have way too many hoodies, first of all, you’re wrong. Second of all, fine. There’s something for you too...sweats! This drop is really made for people like me, the ones who still want to binge Netflix all day, even if the world is opening back up. I LOVE IT. I’m hoping someone out there understands my vibe. 

    While these are just a few of this week's honorable mentions, I encourage you to browse around our store a little bit, see what artists you like, and see if they have anything new. I will say, even if the post office is a little delayed due to the pandemic, it is SO worth the wait for all of these items. Also, so worth the money. Trust me, I’ve been spending a lot on merch this pandemic. You don’t need to be ashamed.

    ‘Til next time!

    Julianna Taylor