Official Merch Store for Dayseeker.  Debut Album 'What It Means To Be Defeated' out now on InVogue Records!
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Dayseeker - Logo Dad Hat Dayseeker $22.95
Dayseeker - Logo Beanie Dayseeker $18.95
Dayseeker - Stairs Tee (Red) Dayseeker Sold Out
Dayseeker - "Earth Will Turn" Tee Dayseeker from $15.95
Dayseeker - Hamsa Crewneck Dayseeker from $19.95
Dreamcatcher Tee Dayseeker $14.95
Bridge Tee (White) Dayseeker $14.95
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Beartooth - "Aggressive" Hoodie Beartooth from $39.95
CAPSIZE - "Cry" Dye Tee Capsize from $19.95
OLN - Speckled Rose LS Our Last Night Sold Out